Analysis: Death of a Spaceman - Game Autosolving & Spacestation Pheta

In this analysis piece, Andrew Vanden Bossche looks at an early precursor to Nintendo's upcoming in-game help system, delving into what made Spacestation Pheta a game design success.

Andrew Vanden Bossche: "The (new) New Super Mario Bros. game's proposed new self solving features is already raising a lot of eyebrows. At the time of writing, its not even clear how it will be implemented, but the very idea of a feature that would essentially take the controller out of the player's hands is more than enough to raise questions about how good of an idea this really is.

To a lot of people, there's just something that feels wrong about a game that plays itself. After all, a game can only do so much to aid the player before it stops being a game at all."

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