VideoGamer: Batman: Arkham Asylum Hands-On

In pure gameplay terms, Bats' latest adventure feels reminiscent of Solid Snake's outing on the PS1. There's the island setting, for one thing, and the combination of sneaky action and futuristic gadgets, but the biggest single reminder is the game structure. Ever since Eidos and Rocksteady first revealed Arkham Asylum, everyone's been wondering about how the main game would play. Would it be an open-ended adventure, allowing full exploration of the game world, or would it be a channeled and linear experience? Most people were hoping for the former and fearing they'd get the latter - a pessimistic expectation forged by years of piss-poor movie tie-ins.

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himdeel3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago ) a kiosk at Gamestop I have to say I'm really hoping they've polished that aspect of the game a bit more. Stringing together combos was VERY easy maybe a little too easy. For a moment it felt like I'd be able to clear all of these areas with little to no effort all while pressing one button. Really hoping the later challenge modes are a bit more...challenging. Either way I got a feeling I'll be playing without the on-screen prompts the badies give when they are about to strike you to make it a bit more engaging.

I'm still looking forward to a very clean product and an excellent presentation as a Batman fan. I'm excited about the voice talent and story. I just really want this game to eclipse all other comic book games to date.