Sony Start Advertising The Right Way?

Sony Europe has begun a new wave of advertisements in the UK, which specifically mention the PS3 or PlayStation formats only.

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doctorstrange4092d ago

good to see sony advertising

Raf1k14092d ago

Yeh I saw this the other day.

I hope Sony keeps at it.

heroicjanitor4092d ago (Edited 4092d ago )

Straight from microsoft's book :)

Carl14124092d ago

i noticed.

Unfortunately they picked crap games - Harry Potter and Transformers are the ones i have seen.

Advertise InFAMOUS...

Knightrid8084092d ago

Now that is some good advertising. Tie in the Playstation name with popular movies and other things and people will finally come to realize what their missing this generation by not owning a Playstation console.

silvacrest4092d ago

i dont no why they are advertising these sh!t games before infamous etc

i guess these games appeal to the public more because of there reputation

gaffyh4092d ago

@above - I guess they are trying to get a different audience i.e. not looking for the hardcore, looking for the middle audience between casual and hardcore. I dunno, maybe?

ultimolu4092d ago

Now do this in the U.S Sony!
Very nice.

Keowrath4092d ago

Why are they advertising the sh!t games you ask? I remember seeing the original Transformers game at no.1 for a while in GAME. Like it or not, there are more casual gamers out there and they buy CRAP!

Remember, good sales do not always equate good games.

whoelse4092d ago

But no advertising for Ghostbusters, despite the fact they are actually publishing this game in Europe. A bit strange since they are advertising other third-party movie games.

Nevertheless, well done SCEE because it's about time we started seeing some ads.

RememberThe3574092d ago

They have PlayStation controllers and they only have the PlayStation formats at the end of the commercial.

ThanatosDMC4092d ago

Yuck! PS2 looking graphics on the PS3.

facepalm4092d ago

Yeah, even in the US, Sony is putting up commercials with EA Sports that have people beating famous athletes at their own respected games.

Giriath4092d ago

It will be interesting to see how Sony advertise GT5. It will easily sell millions on reputation and its fanbase alone, but could go on to sell even more with proper marketing.

Megaton4092d ago

Agree with 1.2. It's exactly like Microsoft buying the ad rights to Resident Evil 5 and numerous other games, except Sony did it for some crap Harry Potter game.

How about a commercial saying your console has built-in WiFi? Free online? You know, the actual advantages of the PS3. Might be a bit too innovative for Sony's "find out for yourself" ad department.

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MaximusPrime4092d ago

i seen this advertised.

i like that colourful "ribbon"

beans4092d ago

Sony doesn't need to advertise since they have there loyal fanbase that will sell anything for them.

gamesmaster4092d ago

your comment fails almost as much as your English.

LittleBigSackBoy4092d ago

don't you mean buy anything from them?

mrv3214092d ago

Ever asked yourself why Sony has a loyal fanbase...

Let's see.

Games, and lot's of them...
Free online
Build quality
Doesn't bash the competition quite as much
Doesn't lie as much
Doesn't overhype as much

And that's it the most difinitive comment of this generation
And that's it the most difinitive comment of this generation
And that's it the most difinitive comment of this generation
And that's it the most difinitive comment of this generation
And that's it the most difinitive comment of this generation
And that's it the most difinitive comment of this generation
And that's it the most difinitive comment of this generation
And that's it the most difinitive comment of this generation


every post ive read from him is some stupidass comment. he doesnt bring anything useful to any article

wheres the banhammer? time to smash some beans

mrv3214092d ago

It was amazing how much confidence he has for since this generation still has a lot to go.

ultimolu4092d ago

It's "their", not there.

And another thing, that was unnecessary.

4092d ago
Tinted Eyes4092d ago (Edited 4092d ago )

why are you in here? are you mad? got no new exclusives to play?

mrv3214092d ago

Thank god your so ignorant otherwise Microsoft would never have gotten away with RRoD... bu what's that they gave you a three year warranty... which they attempted to take away by changing RRoD to E74 and there's still people like you praising them over Sony who last I checked didn't charge for online to pay for a faulty console

And what are these two games? Last I checked three good exclusives have came out thus far which are Killzone 2(looks far better than any 360 game), inFAMOUS(Which is FAR more fun than GTA IV) and MLB 09... and we still have Uncharted 2 which looks outstanding and plays great. Oh but what's that Gears which is closer to a car simulator than anything else because you weight like a ton and the gun is pretty weak compared to Uncharted where you are nimble. Oh and the horror in Uncharted 1 is better than the poorly explained night/scary level in Gears 2 which ironically also has inferior Graphics.

Uncharted 2 won game of the show at E3 btw...

Oh and let's not forget

Demons Soul (allready released in Japan)
EyePet which looks amazing without the smoke and mirror of Milo
L.A Noire is rumoured for 2009
M.A.G Hey look 256 players on a FREE service
White Night Chronicles

So please remind me what do you have?

So please go back to being ignorant because to be honest you'd be surprised to learn I have a 360 AND enjoy owning it... but I am not afraid to admit that the games on the PS3 look superior which isn't a surprised seeing as Sony has 20 studios and Microsoft has ermm 3 so yeah.

beans4092d ago (Edited 4092d ago )

I'm here because this is news for everyone, and I'm stating my opinion like the rest of you.

Edit mrv: Stop whining with that pathetic list of games. I would take Too human over any title you posted there minus R&C.

"Sony has 20 studios and Microsoft has ermm 3"

And who cares if Sony has 20 lol. 360 is still pumping out more games year after year so what's your point. Sony is blowing money, and if not for bluray, and ps2 they would be in deep some stuff.

Tinted Eyes4092d ago

once again what has the xbox had in 2009 so far? hows gears 2 from last year? online good?

you aint got no damn games thats why halo 3 is being played to death because you have no others lol stop fooling yourself

mrv3214092d ago

So what you'd rather 10 mediocore games which you'll play once or 5 games Like... Resistance, Killzone 2, inFAMOUS, Uncharted 2 and Heavy Rain which you'll reply many times and have more fun play.

Too Human better than Uncharted 2, well I haven't played either but for me Uncharted 1 was one of the better games this generation again your entitled to your opinion but many will disagree with you.

I will play the games I either like the look of or like the demo and I certainly wouldn't have it any other way, fun for me might not be fun for you... probably because I don't mind which platform it's on while you can only have fun on 360 only or 360 AND PC only games.

Have fun convincing yourself the 360 is better I just hope you never wake up to look in the mirror and realise how stupid you've been. A good game is a good game regardless of platform... just enjoy it.

Boody-Bandit4092d ago

You using the term "troll" somehow just seems a little odd to me.
Any idea why that is?

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Azures4092d ago

articles pertaining to europe should be prefaced as such. As an American, I feel I should be able to quickly filter out the world's gaming news and my own.

silvacrest4092d ago

i doubt you will get that since this is a free site where anyone can post any gaming related news without your guide lines to think about

Tony P4092d ago

As an American, I don't see the problem with world gaming news at all. It's a wide world of gaming and we aren't the only country out there.

But I don't see much wrong with the option if you want to sequester yourself.

TheMART4092d ago

So now it becomes news if Sony starts advertising? This is getting pretty sad!

BTW instead of advertising their POS3, they start advertising bad software/games like Harry Potter and Transformers? NICE! Sell it on focussing on the bad games, not the good exclusive ones and make it pointed on a target group thats totally not interested in a BlURayplayer! Harry Potter people are into Wii's you know...

Ilikegames764092d ago

Halo condom, Halo sanitary napkin....

Hallucinate4092d ago (Edited 4092d ago )

you know you think hardcore gamers would have even a tiny bit of marketing knowledge cause they surrourned by it every day but then again mart isnt a hardcore gamer hes just some kid running around n4g bashing sony at every chance he gets....looks like i gave mart alot more credit then i should of

this is what i gave him -----------X------------------ -----------------

and this is what he deserves X----------------------------- --------------

Shane Kim4092d ago

Well Mart, if you could use your brain you would know that just the name of Transformers and Harry Potter is miles bigger than for example KZ2. We here at N4G know what games to look for but a 12 year old girl doesn't. What do you think is more pleasing for her, Harry Potter or Killzone 2?