Heavy Rain: A Perfect Example Of "Smoke and Mirrors"

Developer Quantic Dream is a guilty party when it comes to the overcompensation. With their highly anticipated game beginning to surface, Heavy Rain, it becomes very evident that their graphics are the only focus and selling points of this game. It would be safe to say that Heavy Rain is the true definition of "Smoke and Mirrors"

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TheDeadMetalhead3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

And has the writer of the article played the game yet? No? Then he needs to kindly stfu. -_-

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JL3598d ago

Seriously. I mean I've heard alot about the graphics on this game, but I've probably heard just as much about the storytelling of this game and the gameplay and all that other stuff as well. Smoke and mirrors? I'd hardly think so. Only about the graphics? Not hardly.

RememberThe3573598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

I'm going to approve this because I want the world to know it.

"However, in the case of Heavy Rain this is very unacceptable; typically RPG’s have insurmountable hours of gameplay (i.e. Fallout 3)."
- Heavy Rain is an RPG? When did that happen?

"Overall, Quantic Dreams is taking a short cut with their upcoming release. With the suffering economy it is very understandable that developers/publishers would do what it takes to generate revenue but it should not be at the expense of true gaming."
- o.O WTF is he talking about?

SnuggleBandit3598d ago

ignorance is this writer's middle name

TheHater3598d ago

I guess when this idiot of an blogger decided it was an RPG because he lack skills in research before writing this crap.

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aaron58293598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

reviewing a game "from the little we've seen..." ?


EDIT : Am i not asking a genuine question ?

I dont care if you click disagree and give me an explanation.

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JonnyBigBoss3598d ago

I personally played it and can vow for its quality and experience. Really, it's a very intense game with so many options it's ridiculous.

Syronicus3597d ago

Quantic's entry into the gaming kind was awesome and that this game is taking a similar path. I find it hard to believe that this author had even played their other game before this. Smoke and Mirrors? For a second there I thought the main characters name of Heavy Rain changed to Milo...

LazyDevs3597d ago

Well the guy has a right to his opinion like you guys do, and some people on here are making comments "it isn't even out yet". But that doesn't keep them from saying how awesome the game will be, hypocrites if you ask me.

jessehaysfl3597d ago

@lazy devs,

I disagree man, its easy to tell if your going to like a game or not based on what youve seen. It's something entirely different to call out faults in somethings design when you havent seen the full picture.

Especially in the manner done by this jerkhole

MEsoJD3597d ago

this is worse than dividing by zero

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ultimolu3597d ago

I have never lol'd so hard in my entire life.

I've never played Indigo Prophecy but I look forward to Heavy Rain. I have never played a game like that before and I'm always interested in new games.

This guy...he just took journalism to a whole new level of stupidity.

Marceles3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

"1.3 - The writer is a freakin moron
I'm going to approve this because I want the world to know it."

LMAO RememberThe...I gotta give you a bubble since I do the same thing.

"Everyone approve this retarded article so we can clown the hell out of the writer." (approve approve)

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Keith Olbermann3597d ago

this site actually got a click from me for this garbage. .....

Carl14123597d ago

What an hilarious article!

Smoke and mirrors...Graphics is the only selling point...Heavy Rain is an RPG

So many lol moments.

The game looks brilliant to me. Sure i might be wrong, but meh, i think the story-tlling looks incredible.

LiquifiedArt3597d ago

This is more of an interactive dynamic movie then a game. This is an adult oriented, casual game. A game for adult non-gamers to tell a story and to put you in control of it.

CoxMulder3597d ago


"Well, few things are clear…

1. You haven’t played indigo prophecy.

2. QTE’s aren’t the only way to play the game..(see #1)
3. Heavy Rain isn’t an RPG (see#1)
4. Heavy Rain is a “movie” that is told over 10 hours. (see #1)

You aren’t even a journalist at this point. Any journalist would have at least played Quantic Dreams previous offerings to see what to expect. Any real journalist would have seen Heavy Rain is right along the same lines as Indigo Prophecy. The focus is on the story telling, which is why they have spent 100’s of hours capturing emotions, they want to tell a mature tale of a murder mystery. Not running around collecting red pokemon badges…

You’re whats wrong with the gaming industry. A newbie gamer who hasn’t touched anything, yet knows how to register a website. Its sad that you wont even bother trying to pretend you can write, or that you’re objective.

How daft do you have to be to think that its going to be a 10 hour string of QTE’s back to back? I mean do you think anyone would make this game, let alone buy it? God damn man go back to school.. figure out how to write an article, then post garbage on n4g but at least it might hold up to the reality of the world."

EPIC Post! Right on the money!!

Killjoy30003597d ago

Let's review Agent And Halo Reach while we're at it.

tda-danny3597d ago

how the author is getting roasted on his own site in the comments section.

He really needs a clue!

na2ru13597d ago

I remember an article that spoke about the continuation of the story even after you die. 8-10 hours of 8-10 possibilities of endings more like.

ZombieNinjaPanda3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

@ Mesojd

Divide by Zero heheheh
Won't let me..add in a picture..

DarkAzureIIIX3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

Yes that's OK for a game that have Multiple paths and ends.
ps Ronald Tillmon II aka R2 Deuce is a butthead

edgeofblade3597d ago

I agree he should STFU, but if my experience with Indigo Prophesy is any indication... "gameplay" in the traditional sense takes a bit of a backseat to presentation. Crane's games are a bit like an interactive movie instead of a game. But I don't doubt we will get a great experience anyway.

topdawg1223597d ago

Obviously this dude hasn't even played the game yet and his claims are bullsh!t as well. The developers have stated that there is a lot of playthroughs and multiple storylines. The whole game also isn't one huge QTE. The preview vids alone show that. Indigo prophecy was great and i like sony pushing towards these different and diverse games for their system like lbp. The only problem i see with this game is the voice acting which was pretty bad, but hopefully they fix that before its release

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Shepherd 2143597d ago

Mass Effect pulled off an insane cinematic experience without any quicktime events at all. Hell, Knights of the Old Republic was a brilliant cinematic experience with no quick time events and it came out 6 years ago. Chances are good that Heavy Rain will have much more than simple quick time events, but im simply trying to point out that a great cinematic experience can be done in other or better ways. Hopefully graphics wont be the main selling point of this game, because gameplay beats graphics everytime.

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Omegasyde3598d ago

Actually a lot of people are going to be pist when they buy the next Halo for only 3 new online maps and a 4-hour story for 60$.

Haze was also smoke and mirrors, since well they delayed the game 4 times to improve the graphical engine. Then they kept pumping developer diaries every two weeks. That is probably where the budget for the game really went.

skip2mylou3598d ago

dont remind me of haze even tho i only got it for 5 dollers i felt stupid for buying it still

-MD-3598d ago

Can't fake 10 million sales big guy.

ZombieAutopsy3597d ago

of course Halo is going to do better than HR sales wise, its a well established IP, its been one of the few games to get close to 10 million sales this gen, and its an FPS. But in all honestly i dont wanna see another Halo game until next gen (at least not something like ODST). I kno i'll be picking up Heavy Rain first day to avoid spoilers on the story.

I really dont know why this game was even compared to Halo though, they're really nothing alike lol.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3597d ago

...Well you get to Play all sorts of different types of games;) Like Heavy Rain looks different. Quailty games;)
When people think of the xBox 360 they think of only FPS!!! ;-D How SAD!!!;)

Marcelles253597d ago

Yeah you can ever heard of Wii Fit..........

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Gue13598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )


bujasem_893598d ago

this article is totally stupid and contains pure fresh bull CR*P because if anything stuff like natal are smoke and mirrors when heavy rain is exactly like what u see and anyone who has played indiego prophicy(Fahrenhite), before would know for a fact that what u see in heavy rain is what u get

Omegasyde3598d ago

I highly doubt the author played the game, and just got the impression off the video footage.

There was a reason the game was delayed *hint Cod4:MW2, Halo ODST, Uncharted 2, MAG*

I think people will be surprised, I am just wondering how long the appeal will be since the game has no multiplayer or plans of DLC.

Redempteur3598d ago

First heavy rain is NOT a rpg .

Second , 8 hours is a lot SINCE you are NOT limited by the death of your characters ...that mean that until you see everything you're gonna make some tuff choices and many new game pluses

Third indigo prophecy wasn't All qte so there no reason this one will be since they have learned from their mistakes and have the backing of sony now ...

Fourth ... why is it smokes and mirrors again ? does he have already played the game ? and WTF is this "true gaming " he is talking of ?can i eat that ?

silvacrest3598d ago

unless im mistaken uncharted 1 falls into that category and i still ended up playing it 4 times but heavy rain isnt just a normal adventure game, multiple ending come to mind among other things

mxdan3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )


When will the ignorance stop this generation?

Forbidden_Darkness3598d ago

whoa... whoa... whoa.

Heavy Rain hasn't just been about the graphics at all, maybe some people wanna buy it because of the graphics, but its about the amazing story telling, the way you interact with the game and discover who the oragami killer is. One of the coolest parts about HR is that the story continues even when a main character dies and that even if you mess up on a QTE, doesnt mean its over, you could fall to the ground and find a weapon and use that weapon against the person. it could be different everytime you play through it, depending on what mistakes you make and what you do.

HR is going to be a love it or hate it type game, amazing to some, dumb to others, but ether way, you have to give Quantic Dreams credit for making a unique and out of the ordinary type of game. Im sure alot of people will be surprised by the title, some reviews will cherish it and some will put it down for being different, i'd expect a wide range of review scores, depending on their tastes, so i wouldnt really look at review scores for this game, just try it out for yourself and hopefully enjoy it.

drdistracto7073597d ago

your comment was almost... enlightening!

you made my day, it's nice to know someone who is sensible on N4G

callahan093597d ago

Your comment made me think of something. When you said it's all about the story and discovering WHO the Origami Killer is, it reminded me of this old PC game called RIPPER. In that game, you were hunting down a serial killer. The unique thing about it was that, the character in the game who turned out to be the killer would be decided during the course of the game depending on the actions you took in the game. So there were about a dozen different outcomes, depending on how you played the game, that would result in there being a different killer at the end.

It would be cool if Heavy Rain did something like that. Doesn't need to, of course, but it would be cool. Just came to me.

nnotdead3597d ago

it does seem that the writer of this article misses a lot of key features of the game. 8-10 hours for a game is pretty standard, and Heavy Rain is suppose to be all about the replayability