Bargain Gaming – 200 Wii Points for a Pepsi

Binge Gamer writes: Sometime ago Rock Band announced they had got together with Pepsi for a promotion where they would be giving away Rock Band tracks, Rock Band kits for all systems, and a bunch of other random related prizes. This of course is awesome. You get the cap from your Pepsi (or related Pepsi drink), enter the code underneath on, and play for whatever prize you want to go for. Every cap is a chance.

Well, I have two bits of good news. First, every single cap I have played has one me a track. I am not exaggerating. For some reason I tried to win a Rock Band full band kit and of course lost those (maybe karma for being greedy, I already own Rock Band), however when going for a track, BAM, instant win every time.

The second part of the good news is already ruined by the title to this post. I had read on this crazy internet that when you pick your track for the Wii, it gives you points instead of the track. I couldn't believe it. So I tried it, and decided to put it in video form to prove it so you can believe it as well.

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Omegasyde3596d ago

Surprising both products make you fat, despite the labels of Diet and Wii-Fit.