Koku Gamer: Droplitz Review

Koku Gamer writes: "For the most part Atlus has been known for creating stellar role-playing games such as the Persona franchise. So I was really intrigued in checking out what some might consider a departure from their usual repertoire, with the Blitz Arcade developed puzzle title Droplitz. At its core, Droplitz is a pretty standard puzzle game that takes the same Tetris like feel and concept and attempts to apply its own approach. To put it simply, if you've played Tetris before, or any other game like it really, than you should pretty much already know what to expect. Is this a bad thing? Not necessarily. But at the same time Droplitz doesn't really do anything new to take this old concept and turn it on its head. Some might get the impression that it's sort of a spin on the hacking mini game from Bioshock. Though despite the fact that its not a complete departure from an old genre, some will find enjoyment with what is at times, an addicting puzzle game."

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