Dragon Quest IX gets perfect score from Famitsu

Examiner: "The highly anticipated Nintendo DS game, Dragon Quest IX, becomes the 10th title to get a perfect score from Famitsu by scoring 40 out of 40."

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Trebius4351d ago (Edited 4351d ago )

I'd suck it.

*on topic* I'm getting this...VIII was SICKtastic.

MisterNiwa4351d ago

Wow thats so gay.

Btw. sure it got a 40/40 from Famitsu...

himdeel4351d ago

...was getting a 40 from Fanmitsu before it was released. Just like I know FF13 will get a 40 as well.

Rai4351d ago

they are giving out 40s left and right now..3 game this gen they gave 40s too.

N4GAddict4351d ago

Can't believe Nintendogs got 40 lol

Main_Street_Saint4351d ago

Fun game but I wouldn't give it a 40... just doesn't have that much staying power.

PS360WII4351d ago

So you're saying MGS4 and Smash Bros aren't great games? For little we know about 428 we can see that it was on Wii and after a smashing success it's now going to be ported to the PS3 and PSP so I guess it did alright for itself.

Redempteur4351d ago

well nintendogs is an evolution of the tamagoshi and these are WAY too popular in japan .so there is no suprise this title got so much .

and the sales worldwide of nintendogs are proving that it's NOt a bad game ...

where is my nintengirl sequel nintendo ????

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SpoonyRedMage4351d ago (Edited 4351d ago )

hmm, it'd get a high score anyway for being the biggest franchise in Japan but a perfect score is very nice.:D

PS360WII4351d ago

First Dragon Quest title to do it :)

LiquifiedArt4351d ago

To give a DS game a PERFECT score? and its the 9th iteration of a franchise...

It just doesn't seem justified.

PS360WII4351d ago

Well seeing that no other DQ title got a perfect score one could surmise that it took them 9 games to figure out the perfect formula. Plus there is only one other SE title to get a perfect (FFXII) hardly paid off if you ask me just sound reviewing ^^

kratos1234351d ago

here is my statment and you listen good if ff13 doesnt get a 40 from famitsu then i will put my password on n4g and all of you can use my account thats how shore i am about sqaure paying fore good reviews from famitsu come on they even gave the last remnant a good score and haze please famitsu cant give good reviews

PS360WII4351d ago

Well you should also take into consideration the cultural differences you may have with Japan. I mean it's not like we all think a like right?

Besides FFXIII will get more top scores in the US then in Japan. SE doesn't need to buy those reviews it's just expected -.-

SpoonyRedMage4351d ago

Famitsu gave Echoes of Time around a 30... which if you look at metacritic is bang on for the DS version but it's not that great a score.

I like how you don't consider the possiblity that DQIX might be bloody amazing. Of course you wouldn't have a problem if it was a PSP or PS3 game right?

Also if you take a look at Metacritic there's some The Last Remnant reviews in the 80-90s range. Which Famitsu would be part of. So yer, their opinion is a bit out of the ordinary but they're not alone in their opinion.

kratos1234351d ago

where are you getting these stat from it curtanly isnt metacrit the metacritic score is 66 and user score is a 7 hey thats al right but it damn isnt a 38 out of 40 i only meant it doesnt deserve such a high score fore a averge rpg thats all it doesnt do something special but hey thats my opinion
i sure cant wait fore dragon qeust 10 on the wii

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