Harrison hints at PlayStation 3 homebrew plans

Sony Worldwide Studios boss Phil Harrison has said the company would like to further open PlayStation 3 up to independent game developers in the future.

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poontab4194d ago

they'll never let it get like my PSP

omansteveo4194d ago

Maybe they think it will spike sales like it did it for a short time for the PSP i mean seriously theres no other reason to own a PSP.

gta_cb4194d ago

@ omansteveo

i totaly disagree! i own a PSP and even though i dont play on it as much now (as i play online with my mates on my 360) its still a real handy/ smart/ and fun thing to own, oh and i especially mean its fun if you get a downgraded/ custom fw one hehe ;)

Torch4194d ago (Edited 4194d ago )

...considering that Sony kept (failingly) going through Hell and high water to inhibit homebrew on the PSP. Maybe that's actually what compelled them to give in? ("If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!")

Sadly, I'm one of the guys who ended up with the un-hackable PSP board version. :(

Maybe I can now make up for it with my PS3!