Rebellion Acquires Vivendi Licenses, Considers New Franchise Titles

Chris Remo Writes:

Independent UK developer Rebellion has acquired a number of former Vivendi game properties following the publisher's merger with Activision, and now CEO Jason Kingsley has said he and his company are "putting our plans together for new titles in each series."

In addition to the Elixir Studios-created RTS Evil Genius, which Rebellion acquired along with other Elixir IP when the studio went out of business, the developer now also owns sci-fi RTS Ground Control by Massive Entertainment, historical RTS Empire Earth by Mad Doc Software, and medieval turn-based strategy franchises Lords of the Realm and Lords of Magic by Impressions Games.

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TheDeadMetalhead3599d ago

Aren't Rebellion the ones who made Shellshock 2: Blood Trails? X(

Dipso3599d ago

I'm disappointed that Rebellion haven't put their 2000AD ownership to better use, such a wealth of IP's to tap into. Their last effort, Rogue Trooper, was a pretty solid game. I would love to see them turn out a Strontium dogs or ABC Warriors title.