Lens of Truth: Retro Review - Ghostbusters SEGA Genesis

Do you experiencing a feeling of dread when attempting to use clunky next generation controls? Have you or any member of your family ever seen a low resolution texture, missing ember effect, or felt a sense of blurriness while gaming? If the answer is "yes," then don't wait another minute. Pick up your Genesis controller and play a 2D "movie game" masterpiece - Ghostbusters. Read all about it in this ghastly retro Review.

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ArthurLee3599d ago

I think this may be the best Ghostbusters game ever

GUNS N SWORDS3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

yes it is.

but i think that atari could have done a better job with sony's version of the game,

two reasons why,

for one "sony pictures" whether no one knows this or not they own the rights to the ghostbusters movie franchise and even had some of their staff working on this game, and yet they ended up with the bitter side of the deal on this nice title.

my second reason is "appreciation" this game is being appreciated by only ONE side, if it wasn't for sony's investment into this game it would have lacked many things.

(i'm not ALL that much a huge ghostbusters fan, but when i played the game i found it to be one of the best games that was based on a movie, and ps3 gamers won't see it that way)

EXCLUSIVEGAMER3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

good game.

i like the whole weapons scheme, and fighting the marhsmallow man, the last guy is cool too

Baron793599d ago

This one was overlooked in it's day and deserves to be re-released. I wonder if SEGA still has the rights? I doubt it.

stealyrface3599d ago

I never played this one, looks good.

Shogun Master3599d ago

This one is definitely better then the two NES versions those are trash! Not sure if I like it more then the new one though. Of course they are two TOTALLY different games.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3599d ago

A review for Ghostbusters PS3

VanHalen3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

That is just hilarious, being a product of the 80s i can appreciate these old school games. I think i remember this one, never had the chance to play it though. The way he was wrangling the ghost into that trap is very similiar to the way you do it in the new game. Might have to hunt this game down. When you look at games like this, it reminds you at how damn far games have come along over the years. Its mindblowing, just look at the graphics of the new ghostbusters compared to this. I must say i am really enjoying the new ghostbusters game. Its great! I will always be an old school gamer at heart, but i do love some of these new games and could never imagine back then that we would ever come this far or even see the type of realism in games we are seeing these days. Its a trip.