Rumour: Rockstar New England Working on 360 Exclusive

Split-screen: "Rockstar New England, formerly Mad Doc Studios and developers of Bully: Scholarship Edition and the Empire Earth franchise, have been having one of those years. While last month's layoffs hit hard, rendering 'at least 10 percent of the studio' redundant, they came after news that the company was working on an unannounced title. However, this is not the case."

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LordMarius3603d ago

"Created as a contrast to The Agent, coming exclusively to the Playstation 3?"

wouldnt be surprise

Applegate3603d ago

Great, now watch this come out even before The Agent.

Statix3603d ago

Mad Doc Software? Last I heard, Surfer Girl the rumor blogger said that they were working on SWAT 5. Unfortunately, the project was scrapped. It sure would kick ass if the project were on again, but I doubt it.

Not sure if this studio would've done the series justice like 2K Boston did anyway.

theEnemy3603d ago

PlayStation 3 - Agent

Xbox360 - Double Agent


MGOelite3603d ago

at least give some evidence not just "our sources"

heroicjanitor3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

They should say "our guess", becaue we all know they thought it sounded reasonable and took a stab in the dark.

If they are right they will keep reminding us, if they aren't they'll forget they ever said it.

Edit: Ok then you're tracked, let's see how tomorrow turns out

Nike3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

Hence filed under "Rumours" and not "News". The man in question specializes in 360 development as good as PS3 and PC development. But yeah, there is another unannounced game from these guys.

@heroicjanitor: Cool. Won't disappoint.

Cajun Chicken3603d ago

Yeah, but isn't the main talented one; Rockstar North making Agent?

Xi3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

I would say the main talent came from David jones, the founder of the GTA franchise and lemmings who left R* to start real-time worlds.

Not to mention with how much of the fanbase of this site seems to think that GTA4 lacks much of the quality and polish of it's predessors, I wouldn't call R* north the talented one.

But in reality I suspect that almost all the studios work with one another to ensure a solid release of whatever it is they develop.

GiantEnemyCrab3603d ago

Tell me we are not going to start on that "b team" sh*t again with this are we?

Way to go Cajun!

Elven63603d ago

Rockstar doesn't work on a single project 100% anymore, projects are broken up into different pieces and farmed out to studios who excel at said piece.

Even a game like GTA 4 was developed by multiple studios, those who were better at one thing got to develop it, etc. If you look at Rockstar's track record this generation, it hasn't failed them by any means so more power to them.

The Xbox Empire3603d ago

If you had played Bully, you would know Rockstar New England is very good too.

Statix3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

All of a sudden, little-known Mad Doc Studios (before they joined Rockstar and ported Bully to 360) is as talented as the developers of the GTA series? Sounds more like wishful thinking to me.

Xi3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

But I honestly don't think R* north is half as talented it used to be.

The truth is I haven't bought a R* game in the last 6 years because I personally think they all suck nuts.

Jaces3603d ago

I played Bully and it was "meh" at best.

Fun but nothing special. Heh...would be funny to see them pull out Bully 2: The college years.

ginganinja3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

R* north has been responsible for all the GTA games, which is what they're known for.
GTA III, the one that really set them up and became the open-world game everyone's tried to copy since, was done after Jones left - not saying he's not talented, but to suggest the team without him are poor is a little myopic.
You might not have played a R* North game since, but millions have.

I was also a little underwhelmed by GTA IV. There's no denying it's a quality game, it was more the story and content felt too heavy for a GTA game. Too much Godfather, not enough Tom and Jerry.

maxcer3603d ago

wait a second... I thought i remembered back in February when Lost&Dammed came out that most fanboys said GTAIV wasn't any good? now that they are doing Agent they are considered the top tier developers at R*? i don't get it...

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TheColbertinator3603d ago

Interesting.I think bully 2 could be a sure hit.Or a new IP called Nerd

Gamer_Politics3603d ago Rockstar could be working on new exclusive franchises for both consoles

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