The God of War is Summoned

Richard George: "DC and Wildstorm bring Sony's blockbuster franchise to the comic book industry."

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gamesmaster3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

love this, might pick them up.

on a side note, 6 issues "Debuting in October, and running approximately up to the launch of God of War III"

GOWIII march 2010 confirmed.

edit: its already been confirmed... where have i been :S

FamilyGuy3603d ago

The cartoon series that follows from this? The movie?

skatezero2463603d ago

0_o all I can say is it will be bloody

Megaton3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

Tread lightly, Sony. Don't turn Kratos into a marketing pawn of Master Chief proportions. Comics are fine (assuming they don't suck), but the idea of a terrible God of War movie already chaps my ass something fierce, and I cringe at the thought of 'Mountain Dew Blood Red Kratos Gamer Fuel'.

skatezero2463603d ago

lol your comment was funny, especially the mountain dew part, here have a bubble

FamilyGuy3603d ago

a live action series ala Mortal Kombat Conquest?
Warped Greek Mythology, how could you go wrong? LOL

ReaperXL73602d ago

I have to admit as hyped as I am for GOW3 I would buy said Mountian Dew, even though I don't even drink Soda.

I collect everything I can get my hands on when it comes to God of War, these comics will be no different I just hope they turn out to be good.

mikemill3602d ago

I will buy these... very cool.

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