Mass Effect delayed to September

BioWare's much-anticipated Xbox 360 RPG Mass Effect has finally been pencilled in for release this September, months after the June/July arrival date previously expected.

The news comes from an official Microsoft event this morning, though no more details on the release were offered.

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BrotherSic4292d ago

Well we now know the Halo 3 release month - November.

I could see Blue Dragon pushed to early October as well or simply at the opposite end of month in comparison to Mass Effect.

FCOLitsjustagame4292d ago

I was wondering how I would play Mass Effect and Forza and Call of Juarez (if it makes its date) and Dirt and Hour of Victory (if it makes its date) and Overlord and Two Worlds and The Darkness.....maybe even Tenchu Z (if the gameplay is good).

And again if it means they are not rushing the game, so much the better.

HELLFIREV14292d ago

The best RPG of the year delayed till September. Bioware best release more footage.

Ban Me4292d ago

In case you needed it, this is proof there is no god.

*crys into hands*

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The story is too old to be commented.