Actors Perfect For Video-Game Films

A list of actors best suited to portray characters in video-games currently being adapted into films, from Marcus Fenix to Andrew Ryan.

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KionicWarlord2223598d ago

Clive Owen as Marcus Fenix (Gears of War)


iHEARTboobs3598d ago

I thought he was a horrible choice. I like Clive Owen, just not for that role.

JL3598d ago

I'm with you. I like Clive Owen, I just don't think he'd be good for that part. Granted I've never really played Gears so I don't truly know Marcus's personality. Just seeing it though, he doesn't look to fit the part. Actually one I could see fitting the part could be Mickey Rourke.

Other than that I agree with all the others, those are some good picks. Except one: Kratos. I don't want no Vin Diesel playing Kratos. Doesn't seem right. Gerard Butler seems a good choice with a bit of a makeover (obviously).

KionicWarlord2223598d ago

Clive owen just doesn't have marcus fenix voice .

xenogamer213598d ago

but not as marcus, thats a ridiculous match up. GO WATCH CHILDREN OF MEN. Awesome movie with clive in it, i promise you wont regret it.

McMee3598d ago

While I agree with most of the selections including an intriguing cast of Clive Owen, and in particular Daniel Day-Lewis he'd be perfect for Andrew Ryan. Vin Deisel com'on there's gotta be a better actor who can shave his head.

morganfell3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

Clive Owen? Not imposing enough. Matthew Willig? A better choice:


II Necroplasm II3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

Matthew Willig would be a good choice definitely.

JL3598d ago

I still actually like the idea of Mickey Rourke as Marcus more. Just the look especially with the scarred up face and whatnot. That Matthew Willig if something could be done with his voice, I think he'd make a good Kratos.

RememberThe3573598d ago

But Morgan is right about Marcus Fenix.

XboxUltimateAlliance3598d ago

Marcus Fenix:

Nathan Drake:

Commander Shepard:

And only ONE man could possibly fill the shoes of Master Chief:


Tony999Montana3598d ago

Clive ownen is not made for parts like that. He's way to cool to play a generic space marine.

The daniel day-lewis choice is the only realistic and accurate comparison in my opinion. Does anyone else think that Edward Norton would make a great Gordon Freeman (Half Life series) ?

Edward Norton: http://imagecache2.allposte...

Gordon Freeman:

Michael Jackson3598d ago

Chuck Norris as Master Chief.

or is it Master Chief as Chuck Norris.
Yah, Master Chief dresses up as Chuck Norris for HALOween.

ryuyasho3598d ago

Daniel Day Lewis is the PERFECT CHOICE FOR REVOLVER OCELOT, instead of that character from the list. Josh Brolin as Old Snake...? I don't think so...

GameOn3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

I thought nick Chinlund would make a good Marcus fenix and it looks as if some one else does too cos I found this pic:

There are other scenes in tears of the sun where it's a much better likeness.

ThanatosDMC3598d ago

I've seen a bunch of his movies. He cant act, but i guess not talking much and shooting things could work for him. Maybe that's why i liked Shoot 'Em Up.

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xino3598d ago

people really need to stop with all these actor lookalike for video game crap!

RememberThe3573598d ago

If they're going to make these damn movies, we might as well voice our opinions about who plays our favorite characters.

FK883598d ago

This isn't a lookalike article, really. Sure, there's a resemblance between the actors and the characters, but this is more about who'd be suited for the role, acting-wise. The pictures are just for reference :)

grantps33598d ago

clive owen is not right for the role.

infamous_273598d ago

Michael Clarke Duncan would be perfect for Kratos.

JL3598d ago

Except he's black. And if you were going to go with a black guy, hands-down it would be Djimon Hounsou. Especially with David Jaffe saying he wouldn't want anybody else but Djimon to play Kratos.

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