PSP Go and PS3 to get more applications?

PS3-Sense writes "Recently we had a little chat with a developer who works for a famous studio, which is creating games for PSP and PS3. He told us Sony is sending requests to developers to create applications for the PSP and PS3. Thinkable applications are Twitter or Facebook for the PS3 and/or PSP. But the Application we are going to see soon, is PlayStation Cloud a Social Network service for PSN-users"

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heroicjanitor3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

What use are facebook or twitter applications?

I'd rather be able to password protect my profile...

xenogamer213597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

and on twitter, you cant follow ppl on the ps3 browser, nothing happens when you click follow. And on facebook you cant share, because again nothing happens when you click share on facebook. I think these aps would be beneficial to a person like me, who heavily uses the ps3 browser.

RememberThe3573597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

It is in need of some serious optimization. I use it every once in a while but generally stay away from it because it's so slow. That and I don't have that key pad. If I had that key pad I'd be on it way more.

EDIT: @Greywulf: "playin games", "watching movies". Those right there are why my PS3 stays on ALL DAY.

Greywulf3597d ago

"playin games"
"watching movies"


Ju3597d ago

They are not just talking about Twitter or Facebook. That's just an example. It could be anything. Google maps integration for the Go!, an email client (not in the browser), I don't know, cut your videos with the PS3 using a CELL as an image processor. Anything. Imagine what that would open the PS brand for. Like the AppStore, there could be gazillion apps an PSN. Directly embedded into the XMB, categorized by Music, Video, Picture, Web or Game based.

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KilZoneGeneralStrife3597d ago

Sony,stop wasting your (damn) resources on crap on the ps2 bc emu instead.But,I have an even better idea.If you guys dont wanna work on bc,why not open the gpu up to us,Im sure somewhere in the world theres somebody that can start building up a ps2 emu.I wonder if that were possible,could pc ps2 emulators be run off linux?

Ocelot5253596d ago


but it still has many bugs and many games don't work.

The only thing I ask that SONY should do is raise the speed of the fans. Because all 60 gig PS3s eventually die of YLOD like mine did 2 weeks ago because some internals melt over time.

it should be possible with a firmware update because the fans almost never use full capacity.

saint_john_paul_ii3597d ago

if these apps become successful on the 360, then dont be surprised if it comes to the PS3 in some form.

keysy4203597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

but psp go and ps3 connectivity will be bigger than psp and ps3 connectivity.psp go is more pocket friendly

Omegasyde3597d ago

Bring me cross-platform Skype, not a stupid site where I can update my status as:

Taking a dump. Mood: Mushy.

xabmol3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

Reading a comment on N4G. Mood: Slightly nauseated.


Omegasyde3597d ago

"Replying to a reply about a guy replying to my first comme"

<Character space Limed attained on Tweeter. Start new tweet?>

"nt.OMg I thnk abt Brd Ptt evrday,so fkn hawt."

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