The Host Advantage Podcast Episode 8: Yaw Yaw Yaw

Episode eight of the Host Advantage Podcast is available for your listening pleasure. The whole HA! staff are back after a "week off" and their energy is at an all time high. Why you ask? Battlefield 1943 is finally available. The debut of this game was explosive (in more ways then one) to say the least. This show earns its mature tag (again) with the amount of F-Bombs dropped by Mr. Mortal. There is a running joke the whole episode and the punchline is Treyarch. Also they make an attempt at their first mature discussion based on the need for violence in video games. Join in on the fun and tune into this instant classic.

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mortal3384d ago

thank you n4g. I definitely appreciate you approving my article about my podcast. I hope people actually take the time to check out the show. Me and the HA! team put a lot of love into it.

Thanks again!
Mr. Mortal