BBC planning MMOG and other games

Britain's public broadcaster is working on a number of game projects including a massively multiplayer online gaming title. Alice Taylor from the BBC said that gaming is one area where the organisation could become more relevant to younger generations and "public service money ... should be spent on the form of content most relevant to them".

At the moment the games are "top secret" but will include tie-ins for their radio and tv shows as well as some "independent ideas". She also said that public service games can help to innovate the industry and provide titles that would not have been produced by commercial organisations.

Could America's PBS be next?

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techie4199d ago

nooooo. You're kidding me right? The BBC! Sheesh they really are modernising themselves...good for them

Neutral Gamer4199d ago

Mate, the BBC have always been pretty modern, hell they even had their own computer back in the day - the BBC Micro anyone?

They've been pushing the whole Digital TV and Digital Radio thing for ages now and their website's one of the most visited in the world. I'll be looking forward to what they come up with, they've got a lot of programmes to choose from ...

techie4199d ago

I know I's good isn't it. They are really pushing forward...who would have thought. The original television station...

ITR4199d ago

A Top Gear racing game.