IGN: What to Expect From Fallout: New Vegas

IGN writes: "A fter years of lurking in the hearts of classic role-playing game fans, the Fallout franchise is back in a big way. Since purchasing the license from Interplay, Bethesda revived the post-apocalyptic series last October with Fallout 3 and has been releasing a steady stream of expansions ever since. The last of those add-ons, dubbed Mothership Zeta, is coming soon but that doesn't mean Fallout is returning to the vault to stagnate once more. Another full game is on the way, called Fallout: New Vegas.

Very little is known about this next Fallout game, but that won't stop us from speculating. Here we've gathered everything we know about it and use our powers of guesstimation to peer into an uncertain future. Many questions remain unanswered, but that doesn't mean there aren't educated guesses to be made".

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PS360WII3603d ago

hmm fun article but doesn't help out much :( never the less what I expect is a kick butt game! Which most likely will happen