GameFocus: Pool Hall Pro Review

GameFocus writes: "There are key games built for the Nintendo Wii which should take advantage of the games strengths. These include Golf, Tennis, Boxing and of course Pool Hall games. Playlogic has released the first Pool Hall game I have played on the Wii and in the end there is some fun to be had but how much is determined at your ability to overlook some major design choices and gameplay issues which makes this game feel more like a quick release rather than a serious attempt at creating an authentic pool hall experience."


+ Customize your "crib" is a good option
+ AI won't walk all over you but they will make some miraculous shots


- Horrible gameplay controls…
- … make the game difficult for accurate shots
- 70's porn music does not work in this game
- Bad graphics
- Should have been a downloadable WiiWare game
- Limited customization options in the beginning are disappointing
- More shovel-ware for the Wii
- Every game vs the AI the AI was stripped balls… weird?

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