Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince - The Lost Gamer Review

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The most recent film adaptation of the Harry Potter series is set to be released in cinemas around the world this week, despite originally being scheduled for release last November, and as with all previous films in the series we find alongside it sees the release of a multi-platform game based upon its story.

The original series of seven books, written by J.K. Rowling, are celebrated for creating a vibrant magical world in which the story is based, enabling the author to captivate millions of readers of all ages around the globe through the inclusion of a strong variety of characters, a main plot line that would always keep its readers guessing as to its twists and turns, and a continually developed back story helping to broaden the history of the characters.

Since the first books release in 1997, there have been a cumulative amount of over 400 million copies of the series sold worldwide which, of course, led to Warner Bros. acquiring a licence to make films based upon the books in 1999 from Rowling – four of which are in the top 20 highest-grossing films ever created.

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