Microsoft Patent Suggests Cutting Edge Gaming Concept

A patent filed by Microsoft suggests that the company is looking to connect many forms of technology in a seamless "multi-platform gaming system".

Found by the boys over at Unwired View, the patent suggests a gaming system capable of using multiple components in order to seamlessly connect various devices (think PC, Xbox 360, PDA and/or a Zune). Interestingly, each added component would potentially be able to contribute its processing power, memory capacity and audio/video capabilities between each device by way of a wireless or wired connection. A brief description...

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snoop_dizzle4194d ago

this sounds pretty cool.

Hopefully this will be used in this console generation , not the next.

Bigmac5734194d ago

The day MS is cutting edge is the day they can make a console that doesn't brick. it's dead.

WilliamRLBaker4194d ago

we all know microsoft sucks, all of its products suck, dont work at all, none are cutting edge, all dont add any thing to the home or workplace, some how by Universal fluke people are just too stupid to buy any thing else but microsoft products and this is the only reason microsoft is one of the richest companies in the world, its products usually get rave reviews, and 95% of consumers use microsoft products...

techie4194d ago

hmm...Cell network? PSP connection to PS3 at any wireless location...hmmm sound familiar?

WilliamRLBaker4194d ago

Nope they dont hell half the psp connectivity with ps3 promised by sony hasn't even been implimented yet.

And I certainly know the psp cannot add processng or memory power to the ps3, or vice versa...

ArmrdChaos4194d ago

This isn't just about connecting with a crappy's about connecting EVERYTHING and being able to share all resources. Sony is lacking a masscot these days...maybe they should use your Turkey.

techie4194d ago

Dude did you ever wonder why it's called the Cell? It's called the cell ssince it's designed to be part of a bigger organism.

Look this isn't about it being implimented now, this isn't about originality...this is about...Oh that looks familiar, isn't that already in the WORKS by their competition...doesn't that point to the fact that Microsoft are retaliating? You guys take everything so personally these days...they ARE COMPANIES!

nix4194d ago

don't waste your time explaining... trust me! not worth at all.

InMyOpinion4194d ago

Connect a GBA Advance to your Gamecube, does this sound familiar? Nintendo did that years before Sony even thought of the Ps3.

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snoop_dizzle4194d ago

really this isn't exactly revolutionary or cutting edge(neither was the wii if you think about it, though i think its cool).

But really i don't mind multiple companies using a similar idea, as long as its not a blatant copy, and they change the idea a little bit.

EZCheez4194d ago

These are the same ideas as the INITIAL Cell processor concept.

Xi4194d ago

but not just cells, it's like folding at home with hardware, connecting all your hardware to accomplish one things, or multiple things.

ArmrdChaos4194d ago (Edited 4194d ago )

you will find out that the Cell processor and it's concepts were developed by IBM and NOT Sony. If your going to hang your hat...make sure it's your own rack and not someone else's. Folding has also been employed on PC LONG before Sony used it for publicity.

techie4194d ago

Who said ANYTHING about Sony! We are only talking about the*t...everything has to be a fanboy war with people defending companies these days. It needs to stop.

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The story is too old to be commented.