Sony Flame Baiting is so 2007

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:
"The prestigious Jim Sterling loves the PlayStation 3 so much he has taken it upon himself to be Destructoid's lead Sony basher. As the #1 PlayStation fan, only Sterling in his infinite wisdom can point out Sony's shortcomings. Nevermind the fact that you have heard them all before, time and time again! In his latest rant he gives us a history lesson on why one should hate Sony."

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DoucheVader3601d ago

Monocles need to come back in style.

pixelsword3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

especially when given that name. I looked up his name on google to check his background and it's the name of a gay porn artist.

That's either kind of disturbing because he knew enough about the guy to use his name, or he is the guy, which is more disturbing; but it does kind of explain why he likes to "flame" Sony. :)

ps3gamerkyle3601d ago

Totally true. Jim Sterling, in an effort to look funny (which he isn't), degrades the professionalism of the industry.

Christopher3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

Professionalism of what industry? Online bloggers?

Please, people, don't go considering people like Jim Sterling as professionals in the gaming or gaming journalism industry. It takes $20 a month and two rocks you can hit together to make a blog, only a little bit more to do what Jim would consider journalism.

All it comes down to is a fan of gaming with the ability to post his thoughts, no matter what, on the internet. None of what he does should reflect poorly on professionals in the industry.

Kleptic3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

yeah don't for a minute think some of these sites are actually 'professional' in any way sites are one they don't ever really take them selves seriously...but when a 'fan' site tries to site back and then say they are neutral with everything, then double back on it and bash one side consistantly...any hint of professional journalism is completely out the window...

either way though...what it comes down to is simply Sony will never be able to get away with things like Nintendo or MS...Sony showed up in the industry 15 years ago (hardware wise at least) and completely dominated...completely...the N64 was 'supposed' to crush the PS1, as was the saturn...and it wasn't even close...the Ps1 and Saturn battled it out ferociously for a year or so, then the N64 released predicted to destroy both CD based systems...then FFVII hit...then it was over...

the PS2 was even worse, dominating everything from the very beginning...but things were not that different media wise back then...Sega still had a massive fanbase despite the embarrassment with Sony behind the sword the generation before...there were constant comparisons between the PS2 and DC at the beginning of this decade...saying the same thing as what is said about the PS3 and 360 now...'the DC is cheaper, easier to develop for, and has a {better} GPU'...but it didn't matter...the PS2 got the games, got the support, and got the right price sooner rather than later, and went on to be the single best selling piece of gaming hardware this industry has ever seen...and its still selling...

thats not to say sony has done everything right this generation though...the launch of the PS3 was a mess, mostly because of BD diodes causing a massive hike to the price...MS was busy in the background making short term moves that ended up paying off...they took the value of the PS3 to gamers away by nearly eliminating 3rd party exclusives...Sony also struggled with developers due to an incomplete development toolset at release...the system was already out, and most 3rd parties had no clue how to remotely make the PS3 sing...

meanwhile though...MS puts users through an ongoing public hardware beta...the thing would brick like no other main stream console ever created...they also would fight their fanbase for pennies; charging them for things that other companies let go for it online gaming, be it map packs for certain titles, etc...but that more or less was all deemed ok...and the media to this day still focuses on Sony as the 'bad guy', and critiques every move they make with a hairy eye...

so what...ever...none of it matters anymore...Sony DOES have to get the price down to get the thing moving at a rate that will get the media to shut up...but the thing is still without question the most complete console on the market right now...its not light years ahead of the 360 power wise like we were told...but it definitely has done things no other console has yet...and while the move from MS to slow the PS3 down by 'stealing' titles worked at haulting momentum, its not like PS3 owners don't still get to play those titles...

so get used to these articles still popping up regularly...yeah they are ungrounded and obviously grasping in the dark at old news that doesn't apply anymore...but it WILL NOT change until Sony cuts the price and starts eclipsing the 360 in every WILL do that with a price cut, there is no evidence to suggest that it will not...and plenty of evidence to suggest that it will...but until then, its still point the guns at big bad Sony...

JBaby3433601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

Just for hits or is he serious?

gambare3601d ago

I call it "free publicity"

Thanks to the flamebaiting against Sony more and more people buy the systems asking themselves "is that true? let's see..." and they found themselves trapped in a wonderful system and an interesting community

Ssxtreme363601d ago

it would have never of been made

that being said, i love it how every single time someone legitimately criticizes sony, fanboys come flying out of the woodwork's screaming blasphemy.

while i agree that activision's little threat to stop supporting them was unnecessary and only a way to draw attention to themselves, Sony seriously needs to consider having a price drop this year. i dont even have a ps3 yet but im already collecting ps3 games so i can play something the same day i get it.

if i had a ps3, this article plus the other article written at destructiod wouldn't even concern me seeing how i'd probably be too busy enjoying myself with LBP and other games.....

decimalator3601d ago

On. The. Nose. Great comment.

Both sides made mistakes, but Sony is getting reamed because Sony was the king with PS and PS2. It is so much cooler to diss the former champion than the young upstart, regardless of the severity of their mistakes. Sony could have caught up to and doubled the sales of the 360 right now and would STILL be getting bashed and proclaimed a failure. The media have already made up their mind, and they get better revenues with bad news about a tech giant like Sony than with good news.

Sony needs to bring their manufacturing costs down so they can AFFORD to drop the price. But still, going from $600/$400 in 2 years is phenomenal. Sir H. and Mr. Tretton preach that gospel but it gets drowned out by the "Drop The Price" mantra. That and of course the fact that the PS3 is the de facto standard Blu-Ray player, has technology that fuels super computers and still manages to give me a great HD gaming experience for less than you can buy a bargain computer for that might be able to play Bejeweled.

Even without a price drop, the PS3 is still catching up as developer support grows and the software library grows. It will take a few years, but it'll get there. Meanwhile, in 2015 the Xbox 2880 will totally be awesome. I wonder how long until they have to just use year numbers?

aaron58293601d ago

The thing is, you guys keep on clicking on flame bait articles ...

I say, IGNORE IT !!


It's articles like these gets clicked the most times....

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TheColbertinator3601d ago

Well I don't usually pay attention to what Jim Sterling says.He is an idiot trying to get attention.Happens all the time

kagon013601d ago

Whatever, I need more creative flame baits with true FACTS, instead of baseless opinions and getting into 12 year olds arguments...

JasonPC360PS3Wii3601d ago

But yet everything he quoted in his "opinion" is 100% true :) Truth articles allways piss the droids off and like mindless drones they march to the site "whining" giving it hits. There isn't a bigger bunch of crybabies, whiners, and "bias" screamers in all of gaming that can top the PS3rd fans.

Major_Tom3601d ago

And truth articles about the Xbox 360 piss of Xbox 360 fanboys what is the point you're trying to get at?

DoucheVader3601d ago

Of these Anti-PlayStation articles just rehashing 2006 and 2007. It's complete negligence on his part. His editor should really know better too.

Sev3601d ago

Sadly it will never stop. Fanboys feed the flames.

ps3gamerkyle3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

However, continual criticism breeds innovation and creativity. But you are right, what Jim Sterling did was completely not needed, even if it was 'sarcasm'.

All Time Greatness3601d ago

I personally don't like to flame Sony, I just like watching Activision, Destructoid, CNN, IGN, Valve and everyone else flame Sony.

hulk_bash19873601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

Sony may have had some bumps and bumbles during this gen but the continued crucifixion of Sony by the media is very excessive, the feeling you get from a lot of these media outlets is not constructive criticism but hate.

@all time: "I personally don't like to flame Sony, I just like watching Activision, Destructoid, CNN, IGN, Valve and everyone else flame Sony."

Some of your past Sony flaming comments says otherwise.

pppppeach3601d ago

I find it funny that n4g is totally ps3 fanboys only. But they keep crying on non excising wii and 360 fanboys.

iHEARTboobs3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

Actually, N4G isn't PS3 fanboys only. If that were true, you and your buddies wouldn't be here. Right?

"But they keep crying on non excising wii and 360 fanboys." - I'm still trying to decipher that.

edit: Ok i figured it out, excising = existing, right?

hulk_bash19873601d ago

Seys the Sony hating N4G Newb with only 3 bbls, crying about "PS3 crybabys".

Willio3601d ago

There is an unspoken rule in forums that requires posters to make gramatical sense before posting. Espcially when a spell check program is readily available. Don't bash other posters as "PS3" supporters when no one can even understand you.

What is "excising?"

Ozzyb3601d ago

When you figure out what "non excising" is, please let me know. It's actually bugging me that I can't even find a comparable word that is spelled similarly? Should the Wii and 360 be exercising?

I know you didn't mean "an internal tax levied on the manufacture, sale, or consumption of a commodity" because judging from the title "n4g = ps3 fanboy", you probably don't know that many big words.

YogiBear3601d ago

Sorry but your comment just sent off 48 separate Bu!!sh!t detectors in my neighborhood alone. Flame on buddy!

ultimolu3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

And while people are bashing, game after game is coming out. Feature after feature is coming out.

Let them hate. That's the only thing left to do for fanatics these days. All those days of yelling 'THE PS3 HAS NO GAMES!' or 'IT'S JUST A BLURAY PLAYER!' are quickly coming to an end.

pppppeach: That's funny because I recall 360 fanboys slamming disagrees whenever someone has the balls to stand up to them when they bash the crap out of the PS3.

Oh dear, the mean PS3 fanboys. Did they take your lunch again?

This site was 360 land when I came here. If you tried defending the PS3, you were labeled a PS3 fanboy. Period, end of story.

a_squirrel3601d ago

@hulk bash
Quote: "Seys the Sony hating N4G Newb with only 3 bbls"
He only has two bubbles now (lol)

I don't get it, microsoft has been coming out with crappy stuff for almost forever, and they're STILL MAKING MONEY!?!?!
/looks at operating system.... (oh yeah...)

Come on Googls OS! Dont fail us like Mac or Windows!

Megaton3601d ago

Always makes me laugh when new users talk about N4G being a Sony site. N4G was a 360 cesspool when I signed up in 2007. You'd lose a bubble just for saying something neutral about the PS3. Admitting that you actually owned one was a green light for nothing but disagrees and bubble loss. The current #1 contributor on this site was one of the lead trolls when I signed up. The 360 version of Nasim.

DaTruth3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

Clearly they don't have an editor! And if they do, it is called Spellcheck!

Excising is the act of removing demons from a person(usually done by a priest, plural of an Exorcism); Glad to know Wii and 360 fanboys aren't doing that! Although, sometimes they act like demons.

da720izcumin3601d ago

the lies in this thread.

I've been in this site since holiday of 2006. And believe you, me, this site has NEVER been 360 friendly.
I remember back when NASIM himself and company were roaming around calling the ps3 the most advanced piece of technology in the world (the cell days), while the thing wasn't even out.

I reminisce over the times I've spent arguing with them and calling them names(blue ray vs HD-dvd)....good times n4g, good times.

the new sony kids are boring and lack the energy and determination their predecessors had.

Ssxtreme363601d ago

i remember back in the beginning of 2007 when so many people said the ps3 wasnt worth its price tag and it would ultimately fail. back then i disagreed but now i find it completely retarded to spend 600 dollars on just a entertainment system. with that much money, i'd rather build my own computer.....and the only way i could justifly buying a video game system (ps3 or 360) for that much is if i had allot of cash laying around or i won some type of lotery......

the point im trying to make is that it seems like so many people have jumped the ship or switched sides but still carry that childish behavior that they had for what ever system they owned before they got a ps3. i used to see soooo many threads about the ps3 being a bad system on 360 forums and sites like gamespot being heavily biased but now its like it has almost switched. its both exciting yet sad to see because now you have this ginormous fanbase that's ready to stand up for the system they love but in the process of that fanbase growing it gathered the same kids who used to go to stores and write "PS3 sucks" on ps3 boxes..... so in a way i feel like pppppeach is kind of right, though mainly im thinking about N4G when it comes to that statement. if it wasn't true....then he wouldn't have +24 and rising disagrees under his name....just saying

and to hulk_bash1987, since when have bubbles ever really meant something on N4G? i've seen some of the most respectable and idealistical people get flamed for their opinions and statements that didn't draw any fanboy-like attention to them.
the day when people get bashed on for saying people are getting overly excited for something that may not happen or stay that way for long is the day when people tend not to give a damn about thumbs and bubbles.....if your going to leave a disagree, at least leave a reply or send a message to the person stating what they said wrong.....otherwise the notice of disagrees are pointless. when you come into a controversial topic on N4G now, a loss of thumbs and disagrees should be expected. ill probably pick up a few more myself with this post.....

DaTruth3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

NASIM!!! POG, Bladestar, Mart, Zhuk! All of these people are as rabid as Nasim! Only difference is Playstation fans hate Nasim and De-bubble him, 360 owners support their fanboys!

It doesn't matter how many times Nasim changes accounts; they weed him out kill his bubbles and he's changing again in a week!

da720izcumin3601d ago

dude, bullzeye.

I'll give you bubbles and agree, if it means anything @ all...

JBaby3433601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

I remember people saying the PS3 was the most advanced console and people arguing with them all day long even though they were telling the truth. People still argue about it. This website has been much more hostile to PS3 than 360. I can only tell you a few PS3 extremists such as nasim and dark sniper but there were tons of 360 extremists such as icewake, the mart, zhuk, POG, PP, jason360, firstnight, bloody sinner, bloodmask, and many others. If you merely owned a PS3 you were flamed to no end. 2007 was the worst of all the years. You couldn't even discuss a PS3 game in a thread because the 360 fans would overrun it.

I agree with you though that the new ones don't have the same commitment and there aren't really many good flame wars. It's a little sad because they were often fun to read but it's better that nearly everyone has moved forward.

Karum3601d ago

I completely agree that criticism helps when it is taken on board but that criticism has to be both constructive and relevant.

That article on Destructiod was anything but.

hulk_bash19873601d ago

touche, however if you carefully look at the person I was referring to's comment entries then you can see that he has nothing worth while or insightful to say therefore I called him out on it. I don't just comment on something for the sake of flaming I'm just not fanboy enough for that I guess. And the people you're referring to with intelligent comments and very little bbls are the exception, most of the time they are trolls ergo have a low bbl count.

da720izcumin3601d ago

you see there's a difference between nasim type comments and normal fanboy comments...
I assure you, if the man was to be on the 360 side, he would have been disowned as well.

Also, just because n4g was inundated with "ps3 fail" articles in no ways signifies the lack of sony supporters in those days.
I believe the problem stems from the fact that the whole gaming media was riding on the notion. as a matter of fact, it was almost impossible to find a link to a website/blog other than sony fansites which had positives news regarding the ps3.

which consequently lead to the assumptions that n4g was a 360 haven.

As a matter of fact, this website was the only one during those gloomy sony days where you could find droves of sony fanboys hollering about the cell and blue ray and the likes of "2007 year of the ps3!"

StalkingSilence3600d ago

but you already knew that ;)

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SpoonyRedMage3601d ago

Ugh, I think it's less to do with the site being biased and more to do with Jim Sterling being an idiot.

ps3gamerkyle3601d ago

Destructoid won't stop him, because all of his articles always bring with it a slew of fanboy / console war arguments..Which, in turn, bring page views.

solidjun53601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

100% in agreement. That idiot creates alot of flamebait articles. Plus he has fans that essentially are in agreement with him and thus give him incentive to cater to his fans. You can constructively critisize and articulate or points. He, however just went on rant based on the spat between Bobby and Howard.

mastiffchild3601d ago

Had it been more up to date, included the ongoing blunders of MS and Nintendo too AND been presented differently Sterling actually could have had a constructive article/blog on his mits, imo.

Sony did blow things with the arrogant way they assumed everyone would buy whatever they made, whenever they made it even if they needed extra jobs to do so-Sterling, however, neglected to say how much Sony have altered since then. The arrogance is gone(and went pretty sharply after the first dozen times the media hauled them over the coals for it)and has been for a long time now and the physical shape of the company is better since the losses forced the long overdue streamlining.

As it stands now the only things he had really right was that Sony shouldn't have responded in kind(i.e in public by an exec as unprofessionally aas Activision began it)to A'visions silliness and the ongoing pronlem Sony has with it's ads and marketing strategies. He didn't need to do a one sided attack to do any of this, though, did he?

When he didn't pull Ninty over their continued lack of understanding of 3rd parties or MS for their habit of hiring smack talking execs(or other current failings of the two)Sterling, no matter how many ways he reiterated his "love" of the PS3, condemned his ramblings to being looked at as flamebait BS with no purpose then to grab hits via N4G headlines. One word-cheap.

solidjun53601d ago

quick question.
How should he have responded. I only say that because I probably would have said something worse (not cursing). I would've brought up that he's only saying that to shove $150 peripherals every year. Now, I know I probably have said that, but in the heat of the moment, I would say it. But I'm curious how people would've responded.

Kleptic3601d ago

mastiffchild...exactly...could n't agree more...

the problem always seems to be with sites like destructoid that don't 'want' to pick a side...yet pick one through their articles...that is the WORST kind of media outlet in this industry imo...had this guy bashed Sony like he did, then went on to bash Nintendo for not doing anything that a single person really cares about for the past few years...and MS's short comings in this industry (believe me, they are there...they are just nicely brushed under the rug for whatever reason)...equally...then it would all be fair, and be what a site like destructoid should be writing...

the point that is hard to make on a site like this is that not all of us are true fanboys...yeah we all have a preference of some sort; you are lying if you say you do not...but to have a guy basically say he is only being disagreed with by ridiculous fanboy idiots after an article like that is a joke and nothing more...

go through the comment sections of nearly any gaming'll find at least one guy in every article claiming that N4G is nothing but a PS3 haven and the worst gaming site on the net...but realistically its the other way around...this place was one of the first to have a large group of people that saw that the PS3 really wasn't as bad as most of the douche bag media was was a place that fanatics of other consoles couldn't throw out their normal ungrounded BS, and have nothing but more idiots supporting their cause backing them up...oh well, they can get over it...

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