The Hardcore Gaming Entertainment System

The ultimate multimedia setup, complete with a Playstation 3, an advanced PC, dual LCD monitors, and much more.

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Maddens Raiders4288d ago

I've had this exact same setup for years! Damn interlopers!lol

If you're gonna do it...have fun and do it right. Life is too damn short to do otherwise.

Genki4288d ago

Now is a better time to be a gamer than ever, and there's room for all of us to enjoy it, so it's about time we started. Nice setup, by the way.

gta_cb4288d ago

i would rather have my PC and gaming consoles the way i have it now

which is in the same room on seperate screens but NOT like they have it on there, that way if im in a match online and i die, and i know i got a few minutes, i can go check the news on ;) lol

not saying its not nice, as it is, but i like the feel of my set up then the way that one looks... but hey i could be wrong :P

Maddens Raiders4288d ago

and btw, you're right gta. This is an old photo and I've since moved the PS's and LCD's to other rooms to create more of a personal gaming experience for whoever wishes to come over and test their online mettle against me.
The back to back LCD's like this guy's really doesn't appeal to me, but I think the innovation is brilliant.

w32sobig4288d ago

idea is good, but it just too big and design suxx imo