Take-Two Stock Hurt by BioShock 2 Delay

Yesterday's announcement that Take-Two would be delaying the release of BioShock 2 has had an adverse effect on the company's stock, reports Other games delayed by yesterday's announcement include Mafia II, Max Payne 3, and Red Dead Redemption, but BioShock raised the most attention. The stock had been staying steady yesterday and climbed about 1.6%, but after-hours trading pushed it down 13.1%. It opened low today and has continued a steady decline in trading.

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Socomer 19793600d ago

why is it that i just now realized that game companies have stock?
whats wrong with me?
I wonder, if game reviewers can buy stock in game companies? is it a conflict of interest? am i even asking the right kind of question?

must investigate and must invest in something soon.

Snoogins3600d ago

I too didn't consider that game developers and their parent companies have stocks. The media, generally speaking, has in most cases lost its objectivity and seems to be taking partisan stances and sometimes writes rather questionable reviews. Reviews can affect the sales of a product and if a profit cannot be made, confidence in the company will decrease as will the stock value. Who is to say that in this dog-eat-dog world people don't intentionally exploit these situations? Anyway, as a gamer and one who owns no stock in any company, I show concern for this not how it affects me financially but how it could affect future game development.

Gamer_Politics3600d ago

Take-Two will be good once that GTA;ep's from liberty city disc comes out and sells couple million

Socomer 19793600d ago

I know!
before i didnt trust review sites because of advertising and marketing money. To me they are just one huge billboard ad space.
but now, im thinking exactly like you and im even thinking of how i can get in on the action.

if I were a reviewer and this is the kind of oppurtunity i have access to then you best believe i would be a bias, ignorant little bastard who's main concern isnt the gamer but ME. Just being honest.
Im a playstation only fan of the highest order but if there is money to be made at wall street from this garbage journalism i'll be in it to win it. especially if there are no regulations.

Xi3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

trying to compete with:
forza 3, l4d2, splinter cell conviction, halo:odst, cod:MW2, boderlands and starcraft2(?) isn't the easiest task.

Simon_Brezhnev3599d ago

i agree with everything except forza 3 its not like their competing in that category.