Gaming Union: Hysteria Hospital: Emergency Ward Review

Gaming Union writes "Hysteria Hospital, the name itself conjures up a rather manic picture alone. Oxygen games have certainly hit that nail right on the head. It wouldn't be unusual to see the more wacky style of game on the Wii and we all know it has its odd ball titles. Some are rather good others less so.

So along comes Hysteria Hospital not exactly the most advertised title to come the Wii's way and somewhat slipped under the radar. The immediate conclusion to draw would be that the game encroaches on the idea that made Theme Hospital successful. The idea of trying to balance a working hospital around all the crazy diseases and problems that come in. Hysteria Hospital obviously isn't the same kettle of fish, but it's clear that some of its ideas were definitely brought about from Theme Hospital. However, is it going to be any where near successful, or will it be due to flat line?"

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