Killzone 2 Patch 1.28 Is Now Live would like to inform you that the latest Killzone 2 patch is now live. Read More to find what changes 1.28 brings with it.

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Nick2120043600d ago

The Napalm & Cordite map pack coming this Thursday will be what gets me back on Killzone 2. I cannot wait to play online with the flamethrower and most importantly the Bolt Gun. I would have to say the Bolt gun is one of my favorite guns of all time if not my favorite.

rukia_chan3600d ago

yep, this new maps is great.

Chubear3600d ago

for me it's the electric machinegun. The re-load animation for that gun is outstandingly incredible lol.

kaelix3600d ago

Electric gun? thought the only new weapons going to be released with the map pack were the flamethrower and the bolt gun o.o

Kleptic3600d ago

yeah no electric gun right now it seems, which is probably you didn't even have to aim that thing...seeing the ridiculous death animations from that gun in the single player was unstoppable though...

I'm interested to see what happens with these new weapons in MP though...the bolt gun was very powerful, but pretty fair as it was difficult to aim at distance...the flame thrower was good too, as its limited range made it only useful up close in tight areas...but in MP i'm wondering how it works...will the bolt gun be a one hit kill?...and once set on fire will you continue to burn until you are dead?...there is just a lot up in the air about it right now...

1.28 is awesome a few hours in earlier today...the new medic gun bolt is completely awesome, wish it was like that all along...i was running around as a medic non stop just to watch it...and the server profiles are PERFECT now...its what we wanted since the beta...the game is still my go to MP right now anyway, glad to see its still being touched up regularly...

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lrn2hate3600d ago

Can't wait for this map pack. The online keeps me coming back over and over again. Mainly for the clan battles. So much fun.

StanLee3600d ago

I was playing a couple of nights ago. I'll probably have a go at it later.

gambare3600d ago

I haven't tested the control fixes yet, are they noticeable?

CyberCam3600d ago

Trust me when I say, IT'S A HUGE DIFFERENCE from the original controls, in regards to the sensitivity. It's how the game should have been in the first place.

When I originally got the game (day 1) I love it but I was frustrated with the sensitivity of the controls (always over shooting my target). I finished the single player & tried the multi-player but I couldn't get hardly any kills because my aim was that bad. I played for several weeks and then let it collect dust.

However, I decided to give it another go when the 1.27 patch was released and man, there hasn't been a day gone by that I haven't played it! That's how good the patch is!

talltony3600d ago

they bundle them all together like they did with the warhawk maps.

Blogz4Fanboys3600d ago

yeah the control fixes do make the game controls much better. get yourself a x-battle adaptor and a wired 360 pad to use with, and trust's even better again.

as long as you like the 360 pad that is.

EXCLUSIVEGAMER3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

im fighting visari on elite and theres alot of glitches after the update. particularly the floor is now a shiny metal texture and the higs get stuck by visari.

edgeofblade3600d ago

Air support is once again a waste.


DaTruth3600d ago

I liked the old controls! I would overshoot for the first five minutes everyday, waving my gun back and forth, but after that it would come back and I'd be slaughtering again.

Now the noobs will be good without a rocket launcher!

Rainstorm813600d ago

No more buck rodgers health gun. They changed it, now it resembles lightning. Nice little touch.

@Edge of blade

They fixed Air support in the last patch. They are as strong as the ground turrets


gambare3600d ago

cool thing then, I been busy with BF1953 then it's time to buy the new maps

Kleptic3600d ago

yeah 1.28 tweaks it a bit more too I think...haven't seen it confirmed, but the motion blur seems a little less drastic possibly because of some further optimization to the online just looks a little bit smoother to me while turning with high was very smooth before, but now it seems even a bit more...

but the 'high precision' option does make a pretty big difference...some like it...some hate first I didn't like it because I was so used to the 'heavy' feeling of the original dead zones...but it makes a MASSIVE difference when using iron sights...before it was nearly impossible to keep a bead on someone at range that was moving across your you can do it without even thinking about it...

it changed the game a lot though...which is a good or bad thing depending on how you look at it...being that some maps are so big, the new controls put a whole lot more vulnerability to each player from bigger differences...guys that are good with the STA 11 can now pick you off from several hundred yards without even trying, even if you are boosting all over the place...

i suggest using it and just getting used to it makes you better at range with nearly any weapon...the rocket launcher users claim it makes it too touchy, but I don't get half a shat what those guys those weapons still suck anyway...

Ravage273599d ago

Can't wait to use boltgun wooo :D

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Bnet3433600d ago

I got the update this morning. There is more information when searching servers now like if there is friendly fire or badges turned on or off.

RememberThe3573600d ago

I've been want that since the game launched. I didn't think they actually do it though.

Killjoy30003600d ago

I'm so glad that came with the new update. I was tired of punching in the game specifics in the title of the server. Now all we need is a damn party system.

Nick2120043600d ago

If they were to add a "true" party system similar to how Infinity Ward did it with Call of Duty 4, that would make the online experience 100% better and more enjoyable. It is a stuggle half of the time to get into a game with a friend before the room is full. If we had a party system, that would not be a problem although Guerilla Games stated awhile back that a party system would not work well considering how they designed the online experience. They need to focus on getting it worked out somehow.

Blogz4Fanboys3600d ago

and yeah a party system would make things a little easier joining friends agree 100%

Kleptic3600d ago

yeah it sucks that there is no 'real' party system...we were told it was because of the way Killzone 2 uses dedicated servers...but i don't buy that, as Resistance 2 also used dedicated hosting servers...and has THE best party system in a game to was mostly overlooked I bet...and wasn't addressed early on in developing the online code...and now too much needs to be changed in order to get one to work...Killzone 3 will have it though, i guarantee that...

fyi though CoD 4 does not use dedicated servers...a player hosts every single online match...believe me, if killzone 2 used a host/client system in that would be unplayable...we get access to 32 player matches with so much shat going on at once it will make your head hurt...but were denied a user friendly party system for random games (the party system for clan matches is perfect though) does suck, but you can't have everything I guess...

Killjoy30003599d ago

Why is everybody disagreeing with Nick? He's absolutely right and right along the lines of what I was thinking.

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Socomer 19793600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

Oh man its so on tonight.
there has to be more info than that on this patch.
i'll wait for official news from the playstationblog.

LiquifiedArt3600d ago

Can't wait to get home and have at it!