Using 1 vs. 100 to Increase Brand Equity, Loyalty and Awareness


"Last night, I had one of the best experiences with 1 vs. 100 since it's been available. There were no prizes to be won and Chris Cashman was nowhere to be found. Instead, I enjoyed 37 questions of solid videogame trivia. Unlike general trivia, which gets ridiculously hard for me around the 15-37 range, asking me questions about musicals, chemical compounds and other assorted factoids that I am completely oblivious to, the videogame trivia kept me actively engaged because, even if I got a question wrong (which I did), I at least had an inkling, and was interested."

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Blogz4Fanboys3596d ago

are going to try this the next time its on...sounds pretty good. and something different.

GiantEnemyCrab3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

This is great fun and a good way to get the significant other to game with you. My gf and I had a blast playing this over the last couple weeks. We will both be on regularly once they start awarding real prizes. Good stuff!

dannyhinote_133596d ago

Don't know where you're based, but I believe they've already started awarding prizes in all regions that 1 vs. 100 is available.

ShabzS3596d ago

argh this isnt available on my account/ region ... so my gold indian account is useless... they had unlocked the multiplayer couple of weeks ago on the US accounts i had a go on that and yeah its actually a lot of fun

darthv723596d ago

I try to play a few rounds of the extended editions each night. It really shows you the intelligence and age demographic you play against.