Target holds new PS3 game clearance

Marcus Lai of PunchJump writes:

"Select Target Corp. stores are holding a new clearance on game titles for Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3."

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dericb113601d ago

Endwar for the Bluetooth alone is a steal. Best deal is that one I think but GH:WT for $15 is cool.

chrisnick3601d ago

the bluetooth is included?

joydestroy3601d ago

yup, that's what the article says.


its nice to see target having these sales. the week that target had gt5p for 10 dollars i checked gamestop and they had it used for 35. lol. what a bunch of thieves

ThanatosDMC3601d ago

I bought End War bundle from Target. Be careful of what you buy! You might not like the bluetooth headset compared to the Warhawk's Jabra.

For me, it's kinda loose and hard to manage. So research first before you waste your money. Besides... End War sucks!

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locos853601d ago

The Endwar in my Target is $44. I'm waiting for it to go down more to pick it up just for the bluetooth.

guitarded773601d ago

I told my boss I had to run out real quick for "supplies". Got to Target and they didn't have anything at my local store. Sucks for me I guess.

damaster3601d ago

man the day they had Rock Band 2 at 15 i went to the closest target and they said they had ran out of RB2 in all of the 3 stores in my area

MTEC83601d ago

which select stores are having this sale? I just checked my Target but they didn't have Endwar with the mic for sale, still 89 bucks!

Tetsuryu3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

I would just call the stores to avoid any unnecessary trips.

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