The Comedy of Game Release Dates

Travis Meacham track videogame release dates for all the major consoles and the PC. He used to do it as a budget-minded consumer so He would know what months He needed to start stockpiling the Ramen, but now it's part of his job.

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FCOLitsjustagame4195d ago

With all the games that were set to come out this year that I want, I have been watching the release dates closely and I can see them slipping. I alos see a lot of games set to release in a few weeks that have little or no information and can assume those will slip.

I did find it interesting that he listed HALO3 among the ones he think will slip. There is so much information out about that game that I would assume it is nearly done. Assuming the public beta goes well I would not expect that to slip past the end of the year but maybe to mid Nov.

MGS on the other hand I havent heard anything about. Maybe the developers are very good at keeping secrets but I would think it could slip. And since they have Heavenly sword and Lair and Ninja Giaden to compete with Halo maybe they will choose not to rush it with MGS.

tplarkin74195d ago

MGS4 and FFXIII will come out Christmas 2008 at the earliest. Regarding Halo 3, it won't slip. If anything it will be released earlier. He was just saying that the 11-1 date was "fake".

nebpredude844194d ago

that was a waste of my time....not being a jerk..... but it was....

MetalProxy4194d ago

The dates are like grasshoppers, they dont sit still. All I now is that they like to play games with our games.