Modern Warfare 2 Hardened Edition Costs $80

BeefJack writes: "After the reveal of the Modern Warfare 2 Prestige Edition that has set the internet alight, Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling (fourzerotwo) has revealed via his Twitter account that the Hardened Edition (that's the one without the night-vision goggles but with the Call of Duty download code) will cost $80."

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BadboyCivic3599d ago

ill keep my receipt if them plastic vision goggles break.

LONEWOLF2313598d ago

Damn if this is 80 i wonder how much the one with the NVG's will cost.
No less than 200 bucks perhaps........????????

lpfan41k3598d ago

Thats awfully expensive when all you get is a really old game extra...unless there's more coming

Cyrus3653598d ago

You as well get a steel case, and some collector art book.

Nihilism3598d ago

i have a good idea, instead of having special editions they should just split it into 3 games and you have to buy all know like that awesome idea blizzard had, because god knows all the gamers would hate to get their money's worth, why have one massive game when they can have 3 basic games....and by that reckoning fallout 3 should have been 5 games (blizzard maths= 5* the standard 10 hours per game, and fallout 3 was 5 games), how clever those developers are