Pocket Gamer: The PSP is not dead

Pocket Gamer writes: "Not so long ago many within the industry were sharpening their quills to pen the demise of Sony's Playstation Portable console.

Sales were lagging behind Nintendo's seemingly unstoppable DS, third-party support was on the wane and even Sony's commitment to the device was called into question. The PSP was on life support."

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MxShade3604d ago

Good analysis. I know that up until the past few months, I had no intention of purchasing a PSP, even when one or two exclusive games were released that I was interested. Now it's back on my "to purchase" list. I'm a huge DS fan, but it looks like the PSP may be coming into its own now.

Panthers3603d ago

What I am loving is the PSOne classics coming to PSN. The old RE games and FFVII. Hopefully we will see FFVIII and IX. Ive also never played that Chrono game from Squaresoft. I would like that too.

Jamie Foxx3604d ago

are losing touch with what gamers really want. firstly the price have sony not learnt from the ps3 fiasco? secondly make the games available for download thats kool but the present psps do take memory sticks...i see the pspgo as a big flop, it would have made sense concentrating on the psp2

heroicjanitor3604d ago

I'm getting a psp go because it's smaller, lighter, I don't have to carry game discs around and it has bluetooth. It costs more to make a psp go than a wii so go scream at nintendo.

SoapShoes3604d ago

If that is so true, then many will just buy 3ks. You act like Sony is forcing you to buy a Go after it releases and for your information the PSP Go is what a lot of gamers were wanting. Before it was announced everyone in the PS forums were saying how they wanted a UMDless PSP that was smaller. Sony listened and if you don't like it all you have to blame is yourself for not voicing your opinion harder.

Plus Sony had people test this device for opinions before it was ever revealed and if everyone hated it I'm sure they would not have brought it out.

Hobgoblin3604d ago

The PSPgo doesn't interest me whatsoever, but I must also admit to taking an interest in the older PSP model. I've never owned one, but the way things are going I'm tempted to keep a close eye on eBay.

mrv3213604d ago

Pocket games: PSPoints out the obvious!

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