Battlefield Heroes Reaches 1 Million Players

GamersDigest writes;

Electronic Arts today announced that Battlefield Heroes, the unique Play 4 Free third-person shooter, has already recruited one million players to sign up for the game.

"The team is really proud to have hit 1 million registrations at this early stage," said Ben Cousins, General Manager, Battlefield Heroes Team.

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DirtyLary3602d ago

This was a serious waste of their resources.

M337ING3602d ago

How can you say that in response to this news story? Obviously, it's become very popular.

ThanatosDMC3602d ago

I agree, a complete waste of resources. The game is too arcadey. Just how many clips does it take to kill a character. How many grenades can a character take. So broken...

insanemcbain3602d ago

900,000 played it once and never again

pixelsword3602d ago

just people who registered.

Nikuma3602d ago

Game is geared towards the younger crowd and lacks some variety, but is fairly enjoyable in small doses. You really can't beat a free game TBH.

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