Pocket-Lint Review: Philips 56PFL9954H Cinema 21:9 television

Welcome to the wonderful world of CinemaScope TV. With a good 50% of Blu-ray discs containing movies in CinemaScope 2.39:1 aspect, high-def fans still have to put up with black bars above and below the action. Until now, that is.

Philips' Cinema 21:9 TV is not a new concept; we at Pocket-lint have been witness to many prototypes of similar ideas, but this is the first – and quite possibly the only – TV ever to go into production.

Its huge dimensions scream class, though if its unusual shape is designed primarily for Blu-ray movies and DVDs, what happens to regular TV pictures, games and movies that aren't in 2.39:1 format? As well as being the only screen available with a 2.39:1 dimensions, the Cinema 21:9 (so called because it's designed to be used with 2.35:1, 2.39:1 and 2.40:1 sources) proves a versatile beast with almost any video, TV or games source despite its odd 2560 x 1080 pixel resolution.

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