Club Nintendo Elite Status Rewards announced: Doc-Louis Punch-Out!! game, Mario Hat, 2010 Calendar

Nintendo today notified Club Nintendo Elite Status members of their rewards. The free prizes for the 2009 Club Nintendo Year include an exclusive Doc-Louis's Punch-Out!! WiiWare game, Mario Hat and Club Nintendo 2010 Calendar. These items are exclusively available for Club Nintendo Members who reached Gold or Platinum status by June 30, 2009.

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PS360WII3603d ago

oddly enough I think the Nintendo picture with Reggies signature on it was more of a reward than these they are offering... and I got that one out of the blue! Yet, that could be the reason I like it more ;)

live2play3602d ago

i just acceptd my mario hat gift. i cant wait to don the legendary red hat. im gonna be stomping on all-a yalls.

Shnazzyone3602d ago

I only had enough to get the calendar. Part of me would kinda dig that mario hat replica. Oh well, there is always next year.

Neo Nugget3602d ago

I think I'm going to get the replica hat :)

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