But How Many Copies of Dragon Quest IX Were Shipped?

Kotaku: We know how many were sold in the first two days, and now we also know how many copies of the game were shipped. We sure do know a lot of things.

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PS360WII3596d ago

Good call on shipping. 2.3 million out of 3 million was kind of close. I suppose it took them long enough to figure out swarms of people buy DS games. They had shortages for FFIII, FFIV, and TWEWY glad they got the DQIX shipping right

SpoonyRedMage3596d ago

If you think about it though they might/probably will need another shipment by week's end and they if they're planning to keep promoting it throughout the summer they'll need a few big shipments.

Apparently they're doing downloadable quests for the games, which is awesome.

PS360WII3596d ago

0.0 downloadable quests even :) that's awesome! Yeah I can only assume they are going to have that game well in stock for awhile. They should know that DS games have the ability to have rather long legs.

lloyd_wonder3596d ago

They only have long legs if they don't sell up to expectation.


PS360WII3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

I don't know about that. They have long legs if they sell well at first or not just depends if people still buy it :)

Nintendo isn't known well for the first day sales but after a month or so then you get a good overall picture.

SpoonyRedMage3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

Well they're going to have to try hard to give it long legs if they hope to reach their shared goal with Nintendo. Satoru Iwata spoke about making Dragon Quest as big as Final Fantasy or even Pokémon so they have a lot of work ahead of them.

I think they need to market it A LOT in the West, really punch us in the face with it. I'm optimistic that this may be the most successful Dragon Quest ever.

Anyway, I can't get wait to get the game but I don't know Japanese. However NHK World's website seems to have some guides to learning Japanese so I might check them out. Anyway I hope it comes out before FFXIII.

Mario Kart DS is still in the charts nowaday, a couple of years on and it did very well. It's a good game as well.

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