Which words won't work in Scribblenauts?

It's pretty tough to find a word that won't be recognized in Scribblenauts. There were five people from that provided the developers with assistance in researching words for six straight months. Because of the amount of time spent, the game can transport even a giant enemy crab or Leroy Jenkins into the game. But won't about words that can't be viewed in Scribblenauts?

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Cajun Chicken3603d ago

I'm sorry, 42 should clearly come up when you write 'Meaning of Life'.

MxShade3603d ago

I wonder if 'an hero' works.

mrv3213603d ago

Chuck Norris just completes the level it's a cheat code.

ShabzS3603d ago

ROLF... bubbles bubbles... thats was awesome

Wolf8733603d ago

Superman, Spider-Man or Batman, they would pop-up? And no Rights issue? If so, such a thing would be terrific, but I highly doubt that. I can't wait for the game though, it's pretty unique.

SpoonyRedMage3603d ago

no copyrighted/trademarked things can appear apparently.

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The story is too old to be commented.