Pachter: GTA Gay Tony to hit 3 million units, BioShock 2 slip is "pretty big"

Wedbush Morgan's Michael Pachter's estimated that GTA 360 DLC The Ballad of Gay Tony will sell around 3 million units, with the PSP version of Chinatown Wars settling in the 1 million unit region.

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no_more_trolling3598d ago

gta 4 has made so much money for rockstar.

imagine if they released the DLC on all systems.

Lucreto3598d ago

There is still a possibility that the first two will appear on the PS3. MS will want to get their invested money back once they get it Rockstar will release it on PS3 for profits without giving a majority of it to MS.

StanLee3598d ago

The first 2 DLC wont be released on the PS3 but if the rumors are correct, 2 additional DLC episodes will be released to all platforms. Take-Two has stated there are still more stories to be told in the GTAIV universe.

FamilyGuy3597d ago

I was about to question why he thinks this will sell more but then read the comments at the article and found out why.
I didn't know this would be getting a disc release with TLTD included. That'll definitely increase sells. I still wonder how the title itself will effect sells because I know a few gay people that would buy this just to have it up somewhere and not even own a 360. And on the other end the homophobic that will avoid it at all cost.

How many copies of GTA sold on the 360 anyway? Do you have to have the GTAIV to play this (like an expansion) or is it its own title altogether?

Nihilism3598d ago

shoot me for saying so but i really didn't get much out of gtaiv, i have it on pc and even with the graphics cranked up, from the first scenes i thought i looked like crap, and they took away the rpg elements like getting better at driving/shooting etc, and i hated the car sensitivity, if i wanted to get frustrated with rally car like handling i'd play a rally game

SpoonyRedMage3598d ago

It reckon Chinatown Wars PSP might actually do about 2 Million, or potentially even more.

I personally feel that Bioshock 2 is going to be absolute garbage so I'm going to avoid it until I've read lots and lots of reviews.

Chris3993598d ago

I can't for the life of me understand this obsession with adding multi-player to EVERYTHING nowadays either. Especially what are essentially cinematic, single-player utterly narrative driven games (like Bioshock).

It's not as if we have a dearth of multi-player, online shooters to chose from.

I don't see the point. And if it's about adding 'value', I'd still rather just have a brilliant, polished single player game - possibly - arriving in my hands faster by way of resources that would otherwise be spent on a multi-player component.

It's hard enough to make mult-plat games decent without adding further complications to the mix. I wasn't surpised at all when BS 2 was delayed.

ShabzS3598d ago

yeah i'm more disappointed about max payne 3 ... i cant believe it man .. really wanted to play that this year

Christopher3598d ago

I'm glad Max Payne 3 got pushed back. It looked rushed. I also want to play it, but I want to play a _good_ Max Payne 3, not one that really didn't take the time needed to properly mold the gameplay.

ShabzS3598d ago

i think 5 yrs is a pretty long time to wait... i mean dont get me wrong a max payne game is definitely worth the wait ... but damn i want that game like RIGHT NOW !!

Christopher3597d ago

5 years since the last game, but not 5 years in development. They need more development time to make it a good Max Payne game. If they didn't take this time, wouldn't you lose respect for them for rushing out a poor quality game?

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monkey nuts3598d ago

I mean pretty much whatever he predicts never happens, unless I'm mistaken.

Nelson M3598d ago

What's this Weeks Lottery Numbers

360 man3598d ago


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