WAR: Free Transfers Follow Merger Talks

Following rumours of more server closures in Warhammer Online yesterday, Mythic has announced another batch of free character transfers, naming the servers likely to be closed.

If the five servers, Ironfist, Vortex, Monolith, Magnus and Skull Throne, were to be shut down, it would leave nine active North American servers, down from over fifty earlier this year.

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Medievaldragon3600d ago

Looks like population is decreasing drastically.

Maticus3600d ago

Oh dear, not looking good is it. Having said that, 9 is still a respectable number. There are less FFXI servers than that I believe, and that game's still going.

Dorjan3600d ago

FFXI always had the servers they've had. None have ever been dis-continued afaik.

Dorjan3600d ago

I just checked. Final Fantasy XI has 32 servers currently online still and 1 test server.

Maticus3600d ago

Ooops, totally underestimated FFXI then :P I'm still sure there are other popular games with less servers going though. Runes of Magic?

Fyzzu3600d ago

FFXI's gameplay doesn't require balanced factions for large-scale warfare, though. Can you actually choose which FF server you want to play on yet, or does it still autoassign you?

Dorjan3600d ago

Fyzzu, actually I'm not sure. One of my friends who signed up recently said there was an option but I don't believe him as I can still get "world passes".

I actually was talking to someone about your point of population and you're right. It was my point too that WAR *needs* a lot of people for the gameplay type. I think on another article here on N4G I already said that actually!

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Malfurion3600d ago

I wonder if they still have the reported 300,000 subscribers.

thetamer3600d ago

With other, more exciting MMOs coming, especially from internal and newly formed Mythic and BioWare studios, I doubt this MMO will last.

Malfurion3600d ago

It could limp on for years with 100k subs, that's still a nice chuck of money coming in. Trouble is, for such a young game I doubt people would stick around long without new content and continued development, which 100k players probably wouldn't support.

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