RPGfan : Retro Soundtracks Time! Starring:Glory of Heracles

Patrick Gann writes "So, we have OST reviews for Glory of Heracles II ~ Titan's Downfall (Famicom) and Glory of Heracles IV ~ Gift of the Gods (Super Famicom). We also have a promotional soundtrack review, for "Glory of Heracles ~ Greece Reminiscences," which covers music from the second, third, and fourth games in the four-part series. Finally, I'll make mention that track seven of "Orchestral Game Concert 5" is a medley of music from Glory of Heracles IV, though my review of said album skims over that particular track. At any rate, that's all the published music in the world for this series, so be sure to check out these reviews. Good luck procuring any of the aforementioned albums though: they are worth a small fortune to collectors."

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