Halo Wars: "Historc Battle" Add-on Pack

RatedG4Gamer Press Centre: SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – JULY 14, 2009 – "Historic Battle", the latest update for "Halo Wars", introduces four new multiplayer Skirmish maps that highlight key turning points in the UNSC/Covenant war. This add-on pack will be available for 800 Microsoft Points on Xbox LIVE from July 21st.

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Man_of_the_year3600d ago

AWESOME!!! The problem is will there be some kind of catch like there was with the last DLC.

Dread3600d ago

what was the catch last time?

anyways i guess the catch this time is that it costs 800 points...

Man_of_the_year3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

The last DL had some gametypes that you could only play within a party. Or friends on your friends list. You couldn't go into random games and use the DLC. There was no warning to this so a lot of people downloaded it at a cost of around 800 MS points but couldn't use it if their friends weren't on to play with or if they didn't have friends on their friends list that played RTS games.

Dread3600d ago

thx for the info.

good point sir. that really sucked.

Dread3600d ago

love this game, but i am not sure i am going to pay 800 points for this dlc.

there are just too many other awesome things on the pipe.

Elven63600d ago

I'd recommend this pack over the other one, they add more in this map then they did the other.

Plus the new guys are technically a start up and this is all they have to support their new ventures so I personally don't mind helping out.

Bnet3433600d ago

*sigh* Only one 3v3 map? Unbelievable ... I'm not buying this.