An interview with NCAA Football 10 designer Ben Haumiller

Last week I had the opportunity to chat with NCAA Football 10 designer Ben Haumiller. What follows is a condensed and edited version of our discussion.

Cornfed Gamer – You only have one year between releases of NCAA, how do you balance the time between adding new features and improving the core, on the field experience?

Ben Haumiller - That's a fun part about it, is that we do have such a tight time line every year that there really is no down time. We don't ship for six days and I'm already working fully on next year's title.

You're constantly thinking about what you're going to be doing next and always working within the budget you have for that year with what you can get in.

A lot of that comes from talking to the community members and seeing what the fans of our game really want to see added. So we put a lot of stock into what they want to see.

CFG – I imagine some ideas you have to cut, or wait and it takes two years to implement?

BH - That's always the toughest part is seeing something that you really want to see in the game not make it in just because you don't have the time to do it. A lot of times you try to work it in gradually, where it might be a two-year feature to get the full scope of what you want to see. You get elements of it one year, and go for it full bore the next year.

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