Warner Bros. Greenlight Green Lantern Game

The Extortionist at E4G writes "Warner Bros. and game developer Double Helix have partnered to create an action-based video game slated around the comic book hero Green Lantern."

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4pocalyps33599d ago's probably going to be with the new green lantern movie that their making. either well i'll keep an eye on this one.

aftrdark213599d ago

The game and movie don't suck...For obvious reasons. :)

4pocalyps33599d ago

hmm well...i am looking forward to the green lantern movie, mainly because green lantern is going to be played by ryan reynolds, who is my fave character. as for the people that are actually behind the movie.

The director is going to be martin campbell (casino royale). the screenplay is by greg berlanti, marc guggenheim and michael green.

Nineball21123597d ago

Yeah, I hope it goes well too.

The Green Lantern has always been a favorite character of mine. Very cool... and different.

He never got to the same level of popularity as a lot of other characters.

dkblackhawk3597d ago

That for once the game is decent..

ll_UNDERSCORE_ll3597d ago

Great to see a GL game . GL is one of the most under appreciated DC character, the sinestro wars saga has brought a resurgence in the DC series . my opinion.