Go! Gaming Giant: The Conduit Review

So, it didn't do anything to revolutionize the genre, but The Conduit is an enjoyable game. However, unless you are an achievement/secret freak, or you want it for the multiplayer alone, this may be more appropriate as a rental. With its super short story mode and limited appeal for replayability, the multiplayer is the only thing justifying this game as a definite purchase for all but the hardcore FPS gamer. And they're playing their PS3 or 360, anyway.

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rjguess3602d ago

It also plays nice. Online is fun too. If you have a wii don't pass this game up.

matey3602d ago

1 of the best fps games ive ever played and ive played them all and i know my stuff

EvilTwin3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

I don't think I've ever seen a game get such a wide range of reviews.

This one actually praises the story, where 90% of the rest say it sucks.

But what's with everyone ragging on the single player's length? You could beat COD4 on a long lunch break.

Plus, yeah, core gamers with 360/PS3 have a lot of great shooters. But they don't have one that controls this good. Conduit's online competition is brutal because of it -- you have to worry about head shots at every turn.

(This reviewer also calls 480p standard def, when it's "enhanced def." Weird.)