IGN: StarCraft II Petition Hits 55K

Online petitions may seem a dime a dozen, but the petition to Blizzard Entertainment to restore LAN support in StarCraft II has more than a handful of respondents. A lot more. As of Monday afternoon, there were more than 56,625 "signatures" on the petition, which began after Blizzard late last month announced that it would not support LAN play in its upcoming real-time strategy sequel. Instead, the company said that it would only support multiplayer through its online service. Indeed, Blizzard plans a massive overhaul to for StarCraft II, with enhanced stat tracking, improved spectating features, and more.

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evrfighter3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

Seeing as there is no threat of a boycott I don't see Blizzard taking this too seriously

I also don't see being the solution to having lan's with pirated copies. It's not to hard to make your own private wow server if you know where to look.

FantasyStar3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

The way I see it. At least something is being done to voice concern. And something is always better than nothing.

ajeben8093597d ago

LAN is a pretty standard feature i thought, it should be in 1 of the most epic upcoming games

dktxx23597d ago

its also not hard to shut down a private server if one gets big enough.

Nihilism3597d ago

i'm like number 218 on the petition but unfortunately i don't think it will do much,

it is of course worth the effort, always fight for what you believe in,

but if you look at the last few thousand signatures (obviously don't need to look at them all), most of the names are female and also have no comments, so everyone's been using their gf's emails etc to boost the numbers, which sucks because 50000 legit signatures will mean more to blizzard than the 50000 signatures when probably 25% are fake accounts/ people who don't play starcraft

and yes i'm aware girls play games, but i seriously doubt that thousands of female gamers play starcraft let alone care enough to sign a petition

jakethesnake3597d ago

Haha. As someone who's avatar says support piracy, I think your opinion caries less weight with publishers.