Microsoft predicts 177 million Windows 7 shipments by year end

TG Daily writes: "What was good enough isn't good enough any more, says Microsoft's Bill Veghte, banging the final nail into Windows Vista's coffin and consigning everyone's least favourite operating system to history.

Veghte says Win7 is the first release of Windows for two decades where Microsoft has had to turn people who want to try it away. Bravely copying data to a USB stick using BitBlocker To Go, Veghte throws the stick into the audience."

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shocky163599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Although this is probably a small number considering how big Microsoft are.


then the number is more realistic.

Carl14123599d ago

Carl predicts that windows 7 will suck and most people will use an illegal version.

a_squirrel3599d ago

Microsoft isnt big

How big is a file? not very large (physically), and they are MADE OF FILES


careful carl, youll send the fans into a pissyfit

Rhythmattic3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

I think MS has been clever in this regard. With the Free downloadable beta that upgrades your XP to 7, when the beta period runs out (upon 7's release) im sure they wont offer an XP downgrade, but only a Win 7 upgrade license...

Not everyone would have created a new 7 partition for installation.

Whos gonna downgrade with an XP reinstall resulting in a painful mess?

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ngg123453599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Maybe they will be lucky with 1/4 of that number. There is no way it is going to be 177 million years end. That is insane prediction.

tda-danny3599d ago

Keyword: "shipments"...

cherrypie3599d ago

You're dead wrong. Vista is currently ~20-25% of market. W7 -- pre-release(!) is almost 0.5% of the market.

W7 is going to be a massive release. 177M is nothing of the TOTAL OS market.

Worldwide Windows install (all versions) is more than a BILLION machines -- in 2007.

177M is less than 20%, or basically *less* than Vista today.

I predict line-ups for W7 at retail -- it is going to be a big big hit.

Rhythmattic3599d ago


i Agree, I think the uptake number is undercooked.

MS users wanted vista to be 7, and now it is.

ngg123453599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Had 90 after a year . THat is 200% increase compared to vista in a 3 month period. Which would have the sales about 800% compared to vista per 1 quarter. Vista took 2 years to get to 140 million. Unless Microsoft is really this insane, then this is more likely a hype tool to announce windows 7 success before it happens.

hmmmm3599d ago

Yeah but unlike Vista Windows 7 has made a very good impression on those that have tried the beta or RC and many PC publications have given it the thumbs up. Compare that to how Vista was received on launch...

Jockamo3599d ago

I predict that I will kiss my teacher on her mouth and she will slap me across the face.


who knows she might like it...remember, theres been alot of those cases lately.

DevastationEve3599d ago

I was in 6th grade when in 1997 I did a current events article in my Social Studies class and chose to do it on that very famous case back then.

I also had a huge crush on my then 26 year old smoking hot teacher. :D She used to smile when our eyes met, so dreams CAN happen!

yorkie3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

After all the compatability problems with Vista, Microsoft may have a hard time convincing people to upgrade again. After all as the saying goes, 'once bitten twice shy'.

Jhun3599d ago

People will still buy MS just because it's well.... MS.

Vista was a sub par release, we all know that, but Win 7 is not bad at all.

At least, I know for my gaming rig I'm not going to be going with Mac anytime soon.

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