The Wii Linux Bounty: Boot Linux on Wii, Win 500 Bucks

The folks at are after a very important bounty, it seems. In fact, it's so important that they're making it a race for folks to cash in on their technical skills. At least, it will be once the bounty actually goes live.

The quest? Boot Linux on a Wii. The prize? US$ 499 (possibly more) and the knowledge that you completely pwned every other techie who took up the challenge. The bounty is currently a draft though, so there's no official word on when this race actually starts, but here are the specifics of the criteria for winning the prize as drafted on April 20.

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ITR4289d ago

"Wiimote, keyboard, mouse, dvd drive, sd-card and network support."

I would wait for Nintendo to update it's USB drivers and or a new Wii with DVD drive support built in.

I figure you could run Linux off a disc like in other distro's and that run's on the PPC arch.
Make the Wii think it's a game or sorts that uses both bluetooth keyboard and mouse.