Are girl games as offensive as Grand Theft Auto?

Heartless Doll writes: "I spent a good portion of my early undergraduate years playing Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. My then-boyfriend was a pretty dedicated gamer, and I liked the story of GTA a heck of a lot better than the obstacle course that was whatever Tony Hawk game we were playing at the time. Still, I did get the creeps when I realized that my boyf's pre-teen brother was also a huge GTA fan. I mean, we gotta protect the kiddos, right?

No, I don't think that video games make kids go out and kill people, but I do think that they're yet another medium through which kids learn about the world and get ideas about how to live in it. I know this because games--and music, and movies, and what have you--affect how I see the world, and I reckon I'm at least as impressionable as a teenager. And like every other mass-marketed thing on the planet, games are gendered. While boys are being taught about prostitutes and guns, Wired reports today on how tween and teen girl-marketed video games focus on gossip and fashion fashion fashion FASHION also clothes and boys and FASHION and BOYS OMG!"

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chrisjc3601d ago

I'm just going out on a limb here: the pictured game is an Ubisoft production, right?

markfrost3601d ago

This is so true, you see articles proclaiming GTA causes violence, but do these girly games turn young girls even more self-conscious? Probably so. Great read.

Overmind4203601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

Yeah, it was an interesting read, makes you think about a dark side of gaming that you would have otherwise not have thought about.

ttlFantastic3601d ago

A dark side to girl gaming? I'd like to see that!

Isis063601d ago

the dark side of girl gaming is pandoras box... same can be said about the dark side of girls. It's not brutal in a violent way, oh no, it's "something else".

I mean, when girls get pissed, they don't beat you up...
they make you wait for it and see things trough.

NegativeCreep4273601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

I can imagine the Jonas Brothers going crazy over this game...

Kakihara3601d ago

This is true but look on the bright side. With the invention of the Wii motion controller we're sure to see the emergence of games that teach women valuable skills and life lessons. Just imagine, 'Virtual dishwashing challenge' 'Virtual man pleasuring' 'Super food preparation adventure'. With the added bonus of the motion controller being so simple to use even a woman can learn how to use it the possibilities really are endless.

sorceror1713600d ago

...or you won't, which will be its own punishment.

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The story is too old to be commented.