Monty Oum: Dead Fantasy III

The latest episode of Monty Oum's Dead Fantasy courtesy of GameTrailers.

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theusedfake4017d ago (Edited 4017d ago )

pretty awesome, although #2 was a bit better imo.

Critical_Hit4017d ago (Edited 4017d ago )

I think this episode is a lead up to the next two. However, the Materia use should keep FFVII fans happy.

FamilyGuy4017d ago

I saw this at least two weeks ago though the quality was like something recorded from a cell phone. I guess this is the official, so to speak, release of it though...

This guy needs to be hired, Tecmo, im looking at you

Critical_Hit4017d ago (Edited 4017d ago )

He currently works for Namco Bandai. He does this during his down time.

Reibooi4017d ago

The low quality version that has made it's way around the net was the Preview version that Monty premiered at Animeboston. It was a unfinished version and alot of the effect had not yet been added and the motions were ruff and incomplete.

I was there for the preview at animeboston and i can attest to how much has changed with this version. There is alot more fire in the background and more destruction as the fight goes on. The faces are also far more detailed and the animeboston preview did not include Helena at all.

ThanatosDMC4017d ago

Something weird happened before i watched it. Fight Night 4 is exclusive only to 360??? I thought the PS3 was getting it too? Did i miss something?

Christopher4017d ago

Monty already works for a company doing graphics. He's seen less turnaround and lower quality because he has had a lot less time to work on these :)

Go Monty!

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Lucreto4017d ago

I love these I have already seen a preview of part 4 and 5. Tifa gets her butt kicked and there is lots of blood.

theusedfake4017d ago

yeah, the 4 and 5 previews were amazing.
I think that #4 is my favorite so far.

Natsu X FairyTail4017d ago

nice one. very short but nicely done. hope the others after this last longer

lloyd_wonder4017d ago (Edited 4017d ago )

Who's in that test tube?

And Tifa owns. Why'd she have all that materia in her body and not win? lol

lloyd_wonder4017d ago


...Sh*t just got real. lol

Myst4017d ago (Edited 4017d ago )

Yay finally!


Now that I actually saw it, it was a lot shorter than expected still pretty interesting though. I suppose Monty just doesn't have as much time as he used to and at least he gave us something to watch :D

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The story is too old to be commented.