PS3 Slim video: Real or fake

Recently, a shaky, grainy video of what may or may not be a PS3 Slim turned up on YouTube (Engadget says it's supposedly a "stolen" PS3 slim that made its way to a street market in the Philippines). However, it's of such poor quality that it's really hard to tell what's what and it looks pretty dubious to us (and other blogs as well).

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MasFlowKiller5185d ago (Edited 5185d ago )

I Actually think is real, just because it has the same logo as that old rumored ps3 slim box logo, still might not be real but the we are seen more and more rumors every week, i would trade my 60gb PS3 if only if they do a Slim with more space, if its real

Tsar4ever015184d ago

DAMN, that thing looks sooooooooooo CHEAP!! It's probably a FAKE modeled copy of the infamous pic. But I've been wrong before.....

Bnet3435184d ago

It's not real. It's a knock off. That's why it's in a foreign country. Seems like a Brazilian knock off.

Golfcoachh5184d ago

Trust me, if it were me, I would have bought it and bragged all to hell that I had it, then maybe sold it on ebay. FAKE

onanie5184d ago

errr, why didn't he just hook it up? Maybe Polystation 3 will come up on the screen.

Maddens Raiders5184d ago (Edited 5184d ago )

to think that Sony would put out a PlayStation® product that looked that basic...and downright bland.

MEsoJD5184d ago

someone needs a video of it hooked up a tv running so we can end this.

onanie5184d ago

Exactly, it would have been so easy to plug it in and boot it up. The fact that he didn't do it, after he had already been invited into the apartment, is a little suspicious. It would have been nice to at least see the power LED light up, and to see it swallow and eject discs (even CD, for that matter). The mechanism would have been hard to reproduce on imitation products.

Elimin85184d ago (Edited 5184d ago )

Torn between the two.. So many speculations/rumors. Who knows.

sniper-squeak5184d ago

was on QORE... maybe then I'd believe it.

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life doomer5185d ago

I think it's real but, not ps3 real.

i_am_interested5185d ago

fake, they didnt buy it and they didnt test it

interrergator5185d ago

hmmm didnt gametrailers say it was real heh just wondering