Xecuter PS3 HDXT and IDE to SATA Adapter Sample

Use any hard disk (3.5", IDE) you could wish in your PS3.

The Xecuter PS3 HDXT is a caddy type frame that plugs into the PS3 internally where the 2.5" Sata drive would normally slot. You then clip on the matching faceplate and bingo you now have a clean external Sata connection. No frills and no fuss. You can now add any hard drive you wish and connect it any way you wish. We have also designed a simple but cost effective Sata to IDE convertor.

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Siesser4289d ago (Edited 4289d ago )

Cool I guess. I'd feel more comfortable just using an enclosed external drive (although reluctant to have cable hanging out the front all the time). I'm one of those people who kind of cringes at the thought of modding systems. My computer? Sure. But I've never tried messing with a console.

And who doesn't love Muse?

Violater4289d ago

No way I'm hacking up my ps3, I think my 60Gb will be enough to last for a couple more years. Any by the time things really kick off for the PS3 internal hard drives will become cheaper.
I'll have my 500 Gb someday mark my words!!
excuse my drunken rant

Bathyj4289d ago

I'm not going to but. My just gonna get an external 500GB USB and just plug it in when I need it with all my TV shows, music etc. PS3 is a great multi media jukebox. Shame no .avi support though, but it will probably come soon since XB is doing it.

IBLEEDBLU4289d ago

ya one day ill have 500GB as well...rite now no point as things are just starting but maybe but the end of the year...

changing the HD on ur PS3 is simple..type in PS3 harddrive on youtube and theres a video of a guy changing it..just acouple of screws..u pull out HDD slide in new HDD screw it back

its really simple

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